How Do I Feel Healthier?

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Better Gut Health Is About More Than Digestion.
What can better gut health unlock for you?
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Yes, an imbalanced gut can cause disturbances like gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. But within the gut is a powerful system that regulates virtually every function of our body.
Better gut health can mean better mental health. Beneficial in the gut can address concerns like anxiety and depression.
What can better gut health unlock for you?
A disruption to the beneficial bacteria in the microbiome can lead to inflammation in the GI tract; causing common mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, and a downright bad mood. This system of connections is called the “gut-brain axis.”
Better gut health is physical health. A diverse, healthy gut microbiome maintains heart health, kidney health, and skin health.
What can better gut health unlock for you?
A diverse, healthy gut microbiome maintains heart health, kidney health, and skin health. It also boosts energy levels, strengthens immunity, and increases metabolism. This is what we mean when we say “whole body health starts in the gut.”
Are you ready to see what better gut health can do for you. Try the Jetson Probiotics seasonal subscription to keep your gut healthy year round.
What can better gut health unlock for you?
Our seasonal subscription rotates multi-strain formulations every 3 months, so your gut is as healthy as it should be year round. We choose our strains based on common needs throughout the year, like strengthened immunity during the winter and increased metabolism in the summer.
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Why We're Better

Our Promise

Whole body health should be accessible, not unapproachable. Jetson’s BS-proof gut health solutions deliver real results that you can feel.

We innovate at the speed of life. Our small batch production ensures that we have the power to change them up as fast as new research drops. It also means that our products are alive, which is a must considering the quality of probiotics decline over time.

Diversity makes us stronger. To reach optimal gut health, you need exposure to diverse probiotic strains. Jetson is the only probiotic that rotates its multi-strain formula every three months, so your gut is as strong as it can be throughout the year.

Every Jetson product is created to work with your body. Our patented capsules are vegan, biodegradable, and made of all natural plant cellulose. Jetson probiotics are designed to survive the stomach and get active ingredients where they need to go for the most impact: your gut.

Jetson Probiotics are innovative, diverse, and made for your personal biology. That's why we're better.

For Us, Gut Health Is Personal

We’re a team of gut enthusiasts – who practice what we preach. We love striving to reach our full potential by nurturing our gut health, and we want you to feel the same.