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Everything You Need to Know About Jetson Immunity Probiotics

Everything You Need to Know About Jetson Immunity Probiotics

Welcome to winter!

It’s that magical time of year, when Hallmark releases 8,230 holiday movies, you begin to rationalize gift cards for Christmas gifts, and Mariah adds another couple of million to her net worth thanks to “All I Want for Christmas is You”.

It’s also the time of year when you get sick. Really sick. So sick even binge watching Netflix doesn’t seem fun anymore. 

That’s why at Jetson we have your back. Winter may unleash the hounds, but we are bringing the hurt to germs that are trying to ruin your holiday. It’s the season for sickness, and the season for Jetson Immunity which launches December 16th. 

So what’s so special about Immunity?

 It’s a doozy of a formulation, packed (as always) with clinically validated bacterial strains and botanicals designed with your health in mind. Let’s take a look!

  • Vitamin C: Taking vitamin C before the onset of cold symptoms may shorten the duration of symptoms
  • Zinc: Has been shown to  reduce the duration of cold, perhaps by as much as 50%
  • Echinacea: Immunomodulation and a slight benefit in preventing colds

That is one winter cocktail that won’t cause a hangover and a yearful of regret. As always, you can augment your Jetson with our Gut Prep to give you a powerful prebiotic boost that can keep the happy bugs in our Immunity blend fed and healthy.

Jetson: Bacterial Immunity Formulation


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