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Food or Frenemy?

Food or Frenemy?

America – we’re a mess.  

  • Over 100 million adults have diabetes or prediabetes 

  • 75% of Americans are overweight or obese – 40% morbidly so

  • Americans drink on average 45 gallons or 375 pounds of soda a year 

  • Americans drink on average 2.5 cups of water a day  – the recommendation is 12-15  

We at Jetson are passionate about reversing these metrics. We want to gently guide you to a life that feels better, for longer, without all the hassle.

But we have a problem. American food companies continue to make products that are trash and deliberately promote them to us.  

Many of these companies will say “we’re just making what Americans want”. Which is mostly BS. I’ve personally conducted enough focus groups, quantitative studies, and ethnographic surveys to know that what America “wants” is partially informed by what information we’re all given.  It’s hard to make a good decision when you’re only presented with half the information. History is littered with companies telling partial truths, covering up data, and outright lying in order to move more of their product. Don’t take my word for it – here are eight of them.  


It’s not just that we are intentionally under-informed by those who are trying to sell us garbage, there are countless examples of companies using ingredients that humans can be made to crave (fat, salt, sugar). So, even though you KNOW you shouldn’t eat that last tortilla chip, you seem oddly compelled. Again, it’s not just me making things up – here’s a NYT #1 bestselling book on the topic, conveniently called “ Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us.”

So to recap – we are being lied to AND many companies purposely build crappy products to hook us – and yet we wonder why we’re getting sicker? 


Frankly, as a company whose mission it is to make America healthier, we are pissed off.  

So at Jetson, we’re going to expose the hypocrisy and truth behind some of the food that is being pushed at you on TV, in vending machines, in the center aisles of grocery stores, and even worse, at schools. 

We’ll do this through our new series, “Food That’s Trying to Kill You.”  

So head here and check out the first two: Soda and Ding Dongs **.  Tell your friends. Spread the word. Get angry. And then make that change. Because if companies claim they are only serving what Americans want, then they should be delighted to build better products when we ask for them, right?  


** To our lawyer friends, this is metaphorical and hyperbolic. We don’t actually believe, nor are we advocating that a piece of processed cheese your client might make is going to become sentient, grow limbs and begin to beat you about the head and shoulders with the intent to kill you.