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Erin Ambrose - Customer Service and Ops Manager at Jetson Probiotics

Getting Started To A New Year, Happier You

Hey there, my name is Erin. 

One year ago I was just setting out on my personal health journey. I was overwhelmed, sedentary, and unmotivated – but I knew that I had to make a change. I had tried every fad diet and “miracle fix” in the game, to no avail. 

It wasn’t until I understood that overall health starts in the gut that I noticed a meaningful change in the way I felt. Now here I am a little over 365 days later, more than 65 pounds down, and I’ve learned to appreciate my body in more ways than I could have ever imagined. 

I know that I’m lucky to have had the experience working for a health company and learning from the people I work alongside. But now, I want to answer your questions – so we can embark on this next chapter together. 

What jump started your ambition to begin this health journey?  

There was a picture of me at Christmas that I desperately tried to edit to make me look thinner. Looking at that photo gave me tons of anxiety. I realized just how uncomfortable I was in my skin, and that losing a couple of pounds wasn’t going to solve that – I needed to really make an effort to get healthy.

When I started working at Jetson, I began to learn how the gut had the power to completely change the way I felt physically and mentally. I figured there was no better time to give gut health a shot and see if it stuck.

Was this your first attempt at creating a healthier, happier lifestyle?  

No. I’ve tried every fad DIET under the sun…  all of which were so restrictive I’d eventually fatigue and give up. That level of restriction isn’t only unsustainable, it makes life harder, not happier. This time around, I wanted to figure out how to change the way I thought about food, how conscious I was about what I put in my body and maintain that. 

How did Jetson play a role? 

Taking a probiotic has honestly been a game changer. Not only am I as regular as taxes, but I truly believe it’s helped with my digestion, my energy, and overall health. When I do have a less than stellar eating day, my stomach is prepared and doesn’t go completely haywire. The team around me has been super supportive and has helped immensely with inspiration and accountability. 

What barriers did you face during the past year?

Well, for starters…. COVID. Without having a gym to go to, I had to get creative. Youtube became my friend, they’ve got videos from beginner to wildly advanced. I decided it was the perfect time to get back into running – which began as fast walking, if I’m being honest. 

At the end of October, I was diagnosed with IT band syndrome. This was a practice on giving myself grace. I took the needed time away from exercise and focused on how I could pour more of my energy into nutrition. 

What are your tips for finding motivation when things get tough? 

  • Start with realistic expectations: You’re not going to change overnight. I spent years building unhealthy habits and those are REALLY hard to break. Set smaller, more achievable goals and you’ll find it easier to get over the roadblocks.
  • Think about what really motivates you: Really find your “why” and make that your mantra. Tape it to your bathroom mirror, share it with a friend, and go back to that every time you feel like you can’t  go on. 
  • Focus on something you’ve mastered: When all else fails, I know without a shadow of the doubt that I drink enough water everyday. That was the first healthy habit I mastered (along with taking my Jetson), so when the days get tough, I remind myself of the habits I’ve succeeded at. 

  • What have you learned so far? 

    That complete restriction doesn’t work for me. The more restrictive the diet, the faster I fatigued. While I’ve drastically reduced the amount of sugar I consume and I stopped eating processed foods, nothing is off the table. If I have an off day with my eating, I can immediately feel it and will do better the next day. I’ve learned that when you put good things in your body, you’ll get good out. Because my nutrition has drastically improved my gut health, I have the energy I need to work out, I’m able to heal faster, and I’m able to see physical and emotional changes. Also –  if I really want a cookie, I have the cookie for goodness sakes! Life is about balance, and having a healthier relationship with food and my body means I can eat just one cookie and move on.

    What do you wish you could tell yourself at the start of your journey?

    For the first time in my life, I’m able to see and feel results – and I owe it all to the tiny steps toward gut health that I’ve taken each day. An added bonus is that I have the energy to work out, which is the time I need to meditate, calm my brain and give me the right amount of endorphins to take on the challenges of life and work.

    It’s also great to have complete control over my diet for the first time. I can honestly say that I am the healthiest, and happiest I’ve ever been.

    What’s your number one tip for getting started?

    Take it slow and be kind to yourself. The overall physical and mental health, the exercise, the personal health goals– those are just for you and no other reason. If you slip up one day, that doesn’t mean you’ve completely fallen off the wagon – just try your best to be a little better the next. When you’re working toward long-term health, sustainability is much more important than fast results. 

    Have more questions? Want to join the challenge?