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Stefan Weitz, Founder & CEO of Jetson Probiotics

How Jetson Was Born

An open letter from Elena Weitz, Stefan’s (Jetson Founder) 15-year old daughter.

Hi everyone,

It’s always weird to see your dad online or in commercials, but at this point I guess I’m used to it. In the past, he was usually talking about some sort of technology or making fun of Google. So when I saw the first version of this video, I thought it was pretty different. Dad doesn’t really talk about his disease very much, so it’s a little strange to be hearing about it online and in videos. I guess it’s because he has always said the same thing all my life: “If something isn’t working, you don’t get to complain – you have to fix it”. I have always believed that (mostly because I wasn’t given a choice) but it’s nice to see your parents practicing what they preach.

I was very young when dad was diagnosed with MS, but I can tell you I haven’t ever heard him complain about his disease.  I can remember when, as part of his Dr. Hyman ordered changes, he gave up coffee and was laying on the couch for two days, binge watching New Girl because the withdrawal symptoms were so bad…

I can also tell you he is very focused on the things he talks about at Jetson. I am told at least three times a night to drink more water, I know the sugar content behind every item in the house, and my phone has to go into the bathroom at night so it doesn’t disturb my sleep.   

I’m glad that dad got healthier than ever and that he is trying to get America on the train.  Sometimes I miss the bagels and cream cheese he would bring home on Saturday mornings, but I know it’s because he wants the best for me (and that means a healthy breakfast). I hope this video helps people see they can make changes in their lives that will make them feel so much better. Take it from someone who has to live with him – there isn’t much he won’t do to bend the world to his will. I’m just glad he is using that skill for good!

And yes, dad, before you ask, I do have my water bottle in my backpack for school today.