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Which Probiotic You Should Buy: Dr. Ian Smith

Which Probiotic You Should Buy: Dr. Ian Smith

Today we’re going to talk about how in the world to know which probiotic to buy. There are over 450 brands on the market and a ton of misconceptions about what you should look for. 

For example, when you walk into a store there are shelves and refrigerators stacked with probiotics. Questions that may flood to your brain are:

  • Does it matter if it’s kept cold? SOMETIMES. 
  • Does it matter if the product is fresh (aka how long have they been sitting there?) YES.
  • Does the CFUs amount (colony forming unit) matter? SOMETIMES. 
  • Does the variety of strains in the bottle matter? YES. 

Below, Dr. Ian breaks down what to keep an eye on to make the decision of choosing a probiotic easier and faster (aka avoid standing clueless, reading labels for fifteen minutes).  

You’re welcome.

To summarize, it’s important to focus on if the strains are LIVE, if there are MULTIPLE  and if they are FRESH. One very important feature that nobody is doing but Jetson is changing up the strains so your gut is exposed to different bacteria. 

Now the first two features mentioned above, live and multiple stains, are easy to tell from looking at the bottle in a store or online. But the last two are tricky: knowing whether the product is fresh is hard, as mentioned… only we are rotating the strains for you.

So good news: we took care of it all with Jetson. You get live, multiple, fresh and seasonal in one little jar every month.