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How to Improve the Inaccessibility of Gut Health

April 16, 2021 POSTED BY: Team Jetson

Hey there,

Stefan is “off the grid” this week, which means he’s either on a safari in the depths of Southeast Africa, or he put his phone on do not disturb and is ignoring our emails… We’ll let him speak for himself next week.

But since he’s not here, you’re going to get a little PSA from Team Jetson:

Right now gut health is not accessible to everyone.

Here’s why: Gut health relies on consistent access to nutrient dense foods – a diverse range of them, at that. And highly processed foods actually destroy the gut microbiome.

What does this have to do with inaccessibility?

Right now, 19 million Americans live in a food desert. Which the United States Department of Agriculture defines as a geographic area where at least 500 people – or 33% – of the urban population lives more than 1 mile from the nearest large grocery store, and at least 500 people – or 33% – of the rural population lives more than 10 miles from the nearest large grocery store.

And if a person does not live within a close proximity of a supermarket, they don’t make it there as often – especially if they rely on public transit. Instead, they’re left to shop at local convenience stores that lack un-processed, nutrient dense food options. Not to mention, food at convenience stores is more expensive on average than the grocery store!

When your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, your gut health suffers– putting you at an increased risk for obesity, mental health conditions, IBS, and other autoimmune disorders. 

Because food deserts are a systemic problem, we feel passionately that we need to support the organizations working to dismantle them. We’re a gut health company, after all. 

4 Organizations Combatting Food Desserts

Here are some of our favorite organizations that we encourage our team members and our community to donate their time and resources to:

And if you’re looking for a way to get involved locally, we recommend researching a nearby community fridge, and stocking it with fresh fruits and vegetables that your neighbors may not have access to.

Get out there and make a difference in the lives of your neighbors!
Team Jetson