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The Microbiome: Balance Your Bacteria

The Microbiome: Balance Your Bacteria

Hey – have you heard the story about there being 10 times more bacteria in you body than human cells? If not, you can see it here, here, and even here.

Turns out that wasn’t quite accurate. So all those “news” articles at the bottom of your favorite websites declaring that “GEORGE FOREMAN WAS AN ALIEN” weren’t quite right. The initial claim came from a microbiologist in the 1970’s in what was an elegant paper, but one that I doubt he ever wanted widely cited. The most recent data from scientists in Canada report that we are actually made up of about 30 trillion cells and 39 trillion bacteria. So yes, the bacteria are winning, but not by quite the margin we once thought.

I know what you’re asking – who cares? Besides Stefan, that is?

Here’s the deal: you need bacteria to live. 

Without them (and some enzymes), all the food you consume can’t be metabolized into the nutrients you need to – you know – live. For all the money and time we spend on the things that we think are important (ahem…collagen? really?), we often don’t spend enough time on what has PROVEN to be important – namely the health of those 40 trillion bacteria living in and on your body. The bacterial environment of our body literally has a role in nearly every disease, from obesity to depression, skin conditions to diabetes. Yet we still spend 100 times the amount of money and time on things that simply cover up the fact that our bacteria are out of balance.

So how do we keep them healthy? 

Eating the right food so they have the goods they need to thrive is key. That means more fiber, more veggies, and less sugar. The reality is the Standard American Diet (SAD!) gets the wrong amount of each of these things, and our guts end up in dysbiosis, which of course leads to all the nasties described above. The worst part? The bad bacteria (think e.coli and salmonella) are especially virulent, meaning they tend to outcompete the friendlier, more beneficial guys. More than likely your body needs a boost.

How do you do that? 

You should be taking a high-quality, alive probiotic to augment the likely out of whack microbiome that your life has caused within your body. Jetson will do, mind you! Our Gut Prep formula in particular has been clinically proven to decrease the growth of harmful bacteria and promote the growth of the good stuff. 

So bottom line? You are more bacteria than human, and these bacteria play a huge role in the ability for your body to operate properly. Focusing on maintaining a solid and healthy diversity of good bacteria is one of the most important things you can do to live a long and active life – and it isn’t that hard!