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New Season, New Probiotic: Introducing Mood

New Season, New Probiotic: Introducing Mood

If you get nothing else from this post, get this: MOOD SHIPS 9/20 & IS BEST TAKEN AT NIGHT!

Today is the day that our Fall probiotic – Mood – drops which will ship between September 20 – December 19. We hope that Mood brings you a new attitude all season long. I’m sure you have a few questions and luckily, we’re a few steps ahead.

So first – why do we change up our product every season? 

Our bodies needs change as the seasons change. Think about it: you feel different in January than you do in June (thanks to food, fitness, weather, sleep, etc.). The same goes for the bacteria in your gut. Bacterial diversity is critical to maintaining gut health (and overall health), so we change our formulations every season with the latest strains based upon our bodies’ needs during different times of the year. 

Cool. Now – how did we formulate this product?  

With fall comes shorter and darker days, heavier food and more indoor time. So we went to our team of experts including our formulators, doctors (Dr. Ian), scientists and reviewed published research, to determine what strains showed promise to impact mood, digestion, immunity, energy, and constipation

Now at this point, we feel like it’s important to remind everyone that the science in this space is still developing, and the government (rightly) limits what companies like ours can say their product will do for you.  For a refresher, read our launch post. Ok, now that our general counsel is happy, we can move on…

Our Mood formulation is built with a great seed-like probiotic (DE111) that survives in the gut, but also three live strains (2 lacto and 1 bifi), melatonin and Acetyl-L Carnitine.  Let’s dive into each:


  • DE111 for Regularity and Beyond: Our spore-based powerhouse has been shown to be an effective probiotic to help with regularity and digestion – both important as we move toward less activity and heavier food.  Plus, when you’re regular (BMs), you feel better. Everyone agrees with this.
  • L. plantarum for Digestion: A live bacteria that has been shown in many studies to have digestive health benefits.
  • B. Lactis for Good Bacteria: In addition to being a great overall gut health bacteria, we were especially intrigued by its’ use in a multi-strain cocktail to combat IBS and help mood.    
  • L. rhamnosus for Mental State: What was most intriguing here was a very high quality study in New Zealand linking consumption of this bacteria to a lessening of depression and anxiety in postpartum women.  
  • Melatonin for Sleep: In addition to rotating the strains in our probiotics, we also hand-pick known ingredients that can help us feel better each season. For Fall, we selected Melatonin, which is widely studied as a mild, non-addictive sleep aid.  We chose the highest quality (and most expensive!) version of this but also kept the dose to 1mg to ensure we didn’t cause sleep-offs during the day if people forget to take it at night.
  • Acetyl l-Carnitine for Focus. This is a fun one.  When we launched in June, a few customers asked if we could add something in to help with cognitive ability and focus. We love ALC for its many studies showing improvements in fatigue and depression (albeit at a higher dose than we’re including in this round of Jetson – we’re starting light).  

We are pumped to introduce this season’s blend to the world.  The Jetson team has been on it for almost a month (yes, we screw up our seasons for you, dear customer!) and the feedback has been great: better and longer sleep, regular BMs, deeper focus. 

Again, REMEMBER: take Mood at night!  As we said earlier, we intentionally lowered the dose so you aren’t going to notice this during the day if you forget, but for best results, hit it 1 to 2 hours before you are off to Netflix binge in bed. 


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