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Juicing and Gut Health with Dr. Ilene Ruhoy

Juicing and Gut Health with Dr. Ilene Ruhoy

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Dr. Ilene Ruhoy is a neurologist and founder of the Center for Healing Neurology in Seattle, Washington – she advocates for integrative approaches that help people heal and achieve their optimum health. Dr. Ruhoy has always been keen on juicing but noticed the breadth of its benefits as she recovered from a brain tumor in 2015. Now, she is the healthiest she’s ever been (physically and mentally) and owes it to juicing. 

Dr. Ruhoy shared her knowledge and experience on Jetson’s Gut Talk. Here are your questions, answered.

Why is juicing beneficial for health?

The foundation of health starts with diet and nutrition. Plants have all of the essential vitamins and nutrients that our bodies (most specifically, our guts) need to heal. However, consuming the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables is nearly impossible. Juicing is the most effective way to get the quantity of vitamins and nutrients that you need to heal. When patients incorporate a regular juicing routine, they can feel the benefit on their overall health. 

How does juicing impact the gut? 

The food we consume runs our metabolic processes and chemical reactions – that’s literally our body’s job. Many of those chemical reactions include the need for vitamins and minerals. In order for your body to efficiently operate, you need to feed it the quantity (and quality) of nutrients that it needs.

Simply put: If your gut isn’t in shape, you can’t properly digest the nutrients from your food, which limits your body’s ability to run its metabolic processes. Juicing helps to build that strong foundation. 

Check out the full conversation here on Jetson's Gut Talk Instagram Live Series: 

How did juicing impact you personally? 

I’ve been a vegan for most of my life, and I’ve dabbled in juicing for decades. 

But in 2015 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After surgery, I knew I had to double down on my health efforts. I started juicing every day and learned as much as I could about using fruits and vegetables to recover from my health concerns. 

I have found that juicing has helped me recover from pain, anxiety, depression, and anything that I was suffering from as a result of my brain tumor and multiple surgeries. Cognitively, I am better than I’ve ever been. I owe that all to juicing because I’ve been able to consume the high quantity of vitamins and nutrients that I know my body needs.

Eating vegetables is a great way to get fiber. Is juicing bad for you because you’re not getting any fiber?

It’s true that juicing vegetables removes the fiber content. However, juicing does have a lot of other nutrients and minerals that are essential for your body. 

Remember that there are other ways to get your fiber – like eating vegetables, or making smoothies.

What juicer do you use? 

PURE juicer is the highest quality juicer you can use. Out of every juicer on the market, PURE Juicer is hands down the best. Its two-stage juicing process brings out the best nutrients in anything you juice. 

High-speed juicers can get too hot, which kills many of the enzymes in your fruits and vegetables. A slow juicer, like PURE Juicer, will preserve all the essential enzymes. Right now, PURE Juicer is offering a special promotion: a one-year supply of juicing cloths with any juicer package. This offer was JUST extended through June 30th for those who want to upgrade their juicing game. 

What is the best juice for gut health? Is it okay if a juice is just made with fruit?

When you’re juicing, you’re pulling the nutrients out of fruits and vegetables to help them be better absorbed by your body and your gut – which means your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest the nutrients. And because your body does not have to work as hard to digest, you want to avoid overwhelming it with sugar content, which can happen in fruit juices. Make sure you're adding vegetables into your juice can help slow this down. 

Is there a difference between juicing for kids and adults? 

Well, not really. If anything, recognize that they might prefer more fruits (and that’s okay)! With kids, remember that it’s your job to provide things that are healthy – and it’s your kid’s decision if they'll eat it or not. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! 

Here are some combinations provided by PURE Juicer that can get your kids started:

  • Watermelon, beet, and lemon
  • Carrot and apple

    Good luck! 

    Can juicing be my only source of fruits and vegetables?

    Well, this is a two-part question.

    You will need another fiber source – you cannot just drink your fruits and vegetables if you’re not getting fiber from your diet in alternate ways. Remember, fiber is prebiotic and essential for gut health. 

    If you’re getting enough fiber, then yes – sticking to juiced fruits and vegetables will give you all of the essential vitamins and nutrients that you need. 

    What do you suggest for people who want to start juicing? 

    You don’t have to buy a very expensive juicer to start with. Find an inexpensive, easy to use a juicer and stick to fruits and vegetables that you enjoy eating. It’s very simple. 

    Most importantly, see juicing as a practice. You likely won't make the best juice of your life the first time you try. Make this a positive experience to the best of your ability, and learn and grow with each new recipe. 

    For the days you don’t have time to juice, can you juice in advance? 

    Sure! Juices stored in an airtight container will last about 2-3 days in your refrigerator. The juice will change in flavor, however, the nutrients will not degrade. 

    Remember that the foundations of health start with nutrition and your diet. Everything else pales in comparison! Our health is made up of a million tiny moments – don’t feel like you have to commit to extreme measures to become your healthiest. Achieving health is best accomplished through positive daily routines. And above all, be kind to yourself! 

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