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Why Jetson Works? Research On DE111 Probiotic Strains

Why Jetson Works? Research On DE111 Probiotic Strains

By now you probably know we love science.  Like probably a little too much (It was 10 years ago – but we can’t stop Rick-Rolling our co-founder with this every chance we get).  

When we started developing Jetson, we scoured the world for a novel new ‘anchor’ probiotic strain that would deliver on the benefits that we know existed.

Remember, Jetson’s co-founder, Stefan, has a little thing called Multiple Sclerosis that was helped dramatically by getting his gut health in shape seven years ago. So we have seen the power of the right bugs in your system.

When we found DE111, the powerhouse strain that is in all our seasonal formulations, we were blown away.  So let’s spend a couple minutes looking at the amazing clinical benefits of this bacteria.

First – like Steven Seagall, it’s hard to kill

Here’s how many little guys died after two years sitting on a shelf at 77 degree temperature:

Yeah, basically they didn’t.  Oh, you say, you want to take that to 11?  How about this one:

This fascinatingly boring set of lines means DE111, when sitting in boiling water for 5 minutes, doesn’t die.  You could probably send these suckers to Mars and they would survive – just like these guys.

Second, through more than 30 studies performed on DE111, we’ve found a number of amazing effects on the body. Supports digestion: In gut-talk, you want more good bacteria like B.subtilis and Bifidobacterium than bad bacteria like E.coli to help turn your food (like fiber and some starches and sugars) into things your body can use. Here is how good bacteria grows in the gut with DE111:

And here’s how bad bacteria gets OWNED by DE111:

  • Next, DE111in human studies (not animal studies like many other strains) supported better sports performance and a reduction in body fat percentage.  Specifically, if you crush a protein drink after exercise, DE111 was shown to improve performance of the deadlift exercise (NEW PARTY TRICK!) and have statistically significant reductions in chubbiness.   
  • Let’s keep going – how about triglyceride levels?  In yet another human study, this time with students at the University of Wisconsin (who apparently will do anything for beer and cheese money), those taking DE111 were able to maintain their triglyceride levels even as their eating habits went to hell (vs the control group who spiked).  Our favorite line from the study:“During the time of final exams and before the final sample collections, there was an increase in consumption of alcohol, candy, and fatty foods.”  In other words, even on a crappy diet, DE111 protected people from increasing LDL and triglyceride level increases. 
  • One more (there are literally a dozen claims – we’re sparing you) – who wants to get after some Caco-2 cells?  We do! Let’s see how an actual recent conversation went between Stefan and his Uber driver.
    • Uber Driver: Why is this important? 
    • Stefan: Because when probiotic bacteria can adhere to the gut lining, they enhance the “gut barrier” function of those cells by preventing the adhesion of pathogens.
    • Uber Driver: Come again?
    • Stefan: Oh, sorry.  It means bad things have a harder time attaching to the gut lining, which can lead to less inflammation and chronic sickness. Here’s a Nature article in case you…you know…like science.  
    • Uber Driver: Still lost me. 
    • Stefan: Fine – how about DE111 has been shown to contain genes that support the body’s production of the antibodies IgG and IgA. The presence of these antibodies primes one’s system to be prepared when foreign bodies attack.  
    • Uber Driver: “Dude, do you have any friends?”
    • Stefan: You know what?  You should just have a more healthy immune function.  That’s all you need to know.

So, there you have it.  DE111 is not just an amazingly effective probiotic strain that can survive practically anywhere, but it has proven benefits for people.  Which is why it’s in EVERY Jetson formulation. And now you know what our Jetson HQ sounds like. Every day.