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Meet Leila Park, Marketing Director of Pipette

Meet Leila Park, Marketing Director of Pipette

Pipette is a gentle, clean and sustainable skincare line for babies. The brand works with top scientists and doctors to create effective, safe skincare that gives parents peace of mind. We recently had the opportunity to ask Leila Park, Director of Marketing at Pipette, our questions about skincare, sustainability, and her favorite brands for moms and babies.

What are some common skincare irritants that Pipette avoids that many other brands do not?

Petroleum/Petrolatum/Mineral Oil

These are all derived from petroleum and used as a moisturizing ingredient.  In the US, petroleum is often not fully refined and can be contaminated with toxic chemicals like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).   The National Toxicology Program considers PAHs as a class to contain reasonably anticipated carcinogens. There are also currently studies being conducted on the environmental impact of petrolatum.  Coming from crude oil, it is not a renewable resource. Pipette already uses an amazing skin compatible moisturizing agent, squalane, that not only comes from a renewable resource but is produced with sustainability in mind.

Synthetic fragrances

Fragrance is a generic word allowed on ingredient lists that can hide anywhere from 30-500 fragrance chemicals behind it.  And because a fragrance is considered a “trade secret” there is no legal requirement to reveal what a fragrance is made up of.  Up to 95% of the chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum and coal tar and can include VOCs that are suspected of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions.

Pipette took a very conscious approach to create baby products with an aroma. We not only avoided synthetic fragrances but because some essential oils can also be comprised of allergens that can cause skin sensitivities, we avoided those as well. We wanted to be transparent on the ingredient labels and went through a lengthy process of finding the right aromatic extract to create our calming wash and lotion.

1,4 dioxane and ethylated surfactants

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that 57% of baby soaps are contaminated with 1,4 dioxane.  It is often present in skincare products as a contaminant or by-product that occurs when ethylene oxide is added to other chemicals to make them “less harsh” so the name does not appear on ingredient lists.  Ethylene oxide is a known breast carcinogen. So Pipette does not use any ingredients that end with -eth or PEGs. We instead use plant-derived alternatives.

What is your favorite product that the brand has developed for moms and babies?

“The Pipette Baby Balm is one of my favorite go-to’s!”. It’s one of Pipette’s most versatile products, loved by babies and adults. It’s a fantastic multipurpose full body moisturizer that can be used anywhere on the skin that needs a little extra hydration. The Baby Balm is formulated with sugarcane-derived squalene, a superhero moisturizing ingredient that helps restore the natural balance of the skin. The balm is perfect for moisturizing dry skin patches, soothe chapped lips, hydrating cuticles – basically, any area needing a little extra moisture. 

In today’s market, there are a lot of companies using ‘clean’ and ‘non-toxic’ as part of their marketing. How should consumers vet the brands that they purchase from?

A great tool consumers can use to vet personal care products is the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Healthy Living app or their Skin Deep website. The app and website provide easy-to-read hazard ratings for thousands of products sold on the market. Products are scored on a 1-10 scale, from low to high hazards. 

Here at Pipette HQ, we’re a group of scientists, rule-breakers, dreamers, biologists, and parents who believe that we can—and should!—create an entirely new standard for clean baby care.

We started by banning over 2000 suspect and potentially toxic ingredients because skincare for babies and expecting moms should be the safest possible products on the planet. Then we created formulas in our labs with the fewest possible ingredients, using extra-pure skin-nourishers like our sugarcane-derived, sustainable squalane that babies’ skin easily recognizes.

Why did you launch Pipette? Have you always wanted to be involved in sustainable and clean initiatives?

We also believe that skincare that’s safe for babies and safe for our planet isn’t an either/or scenario—you’ve gotta have both. Our products are all EWG Verified™ and Leaping Bunny approved, and everything we make is clean, gentle, and sustainable. Always. Because our future depends on it. 

Apart from skincare, what other categories should parents consider switching to non-toxic?

Parents should consider buying organic non-processed foods, if they are looking to live a more non-toxic life. This will simply reduce the amount of pesticides and toxic preservatives you are exposing yourself and family to. Also try opting for cleaning supplies that are formulated with non-toxic ingredients.

How does a child’s diet affect their skin?

Drinking water has a tremendous impact on our skin. When you drink water, you are replenishing your largest organ – skin – with moisture that has been naturally lost throughout the day. 

What are your five favorite brands? Five for adults and five for kids and why?

Ilia – an amazing clean makeup brand that is great for pregnant moms or women looking for safer cosmetics. 

Henry Rose – This is one of my favorite fragrance brands on the market that was founded by Michelle Pfeiffer. All their fragrances are made with clean nontoxic and hypoallergenic ingredients. 

Credo – While not a brand, it is a retailer that carries some of my favorite clean brands. I love their company’s mission and dedication to clean personal care.

Tiny Tags – This company has created some of the most beautiful and sentimental jewelry pieces for moms. I also love how they engage and give back to their community!

4moms – I love how innovative the brand is and the quality of their products. I would definitely recommend the mamaRoo to any expecting parents. 

Frida Baby – I love how solution based this brand is and all their products. I think they have done a tremendous job providing the consumer with education about their product and parenthood as a whole. 

Besides Pipette, what other changes can consumers make when trying to shop more sustainably? 

Look for recycled packaging and don’t use products that are over packaged. Bring your own bag whenever you shop. If you shop online, make it count by buying multiple items. You can check out this blog post for more easy sustainability tips!