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No Magic Pill Cure-alls, Just Healthy Habits

No Magic Pill Cure-alls, Just Healthy Habits

Last month we launched Jetson Probiotics, and we’ve been floored by the response. We have so many people visit the site and engage with us on chat, email and even on the phone.

We’ve been inspired by the vulnerability people have shown and the depths of personal information they have shared. Like us, many of you are tired and fed up with the status quo. We hope that there is a new day coming to America where people don’t have to hide behind always “crushing it” and being too afraid to say they don’t feel good.

All that said, I want to make something very clear to everyone: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MAGIC PILL.


Many of the chats and emails we have received ask us if taking Jetson will cure things like their Crohn’s disease, their son’s autism, the fact that they can’t get out of bed in the morning, or their loneliness after losing their wife of 48 years.  

The answer, categorically, is NO.

Getting healthier doesn’t come from a bottle. Yes, we fundamentally believe (and science is proving!) that gut health is linked to improving tons of conditions that you wouldn’t expect. Indeed, there is a scientific link between gut health and depression, diabetes, autoimmune diseases like MS, and many, many more. And scientists are discovering more every day — which is what I spend a good chunk of my days working on. For many people, just getting their gut in better shape will have profound impacts — and that’s why we’re so excited by Jetson’s potential for the world.

AND –  you need to take control. The good news is that getting a little bit healthier doesn’t have to be that complicated. You just need to start with a few simple things, and then congratulate yourself for taking that single step — every single day.

What will it be for you? Here are a few ideas:

  • Replace that shitty Coke with water for a week. See how you feel. Try to drink half your body weight in water (in ounces) every single day. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, try drinking 100 oz of water. You’ll be shocked: it isn’t that hard…although you will pee. A lot. Check out the benefits of increasing your water intake.
  • Get outside — even for 20 minutes. Go for a walk in some sort of nature. Bonus points if you get your heart rate up, but it isn’t even required.
  • Sleep.  Please — try it for a week. Get a minimum of 7 hours a night. Maybe that means you don’t finish re-watching The Wire, or never find out why everybody actually loves Raymond, but sleep is seriously the cheapest way to feel better. And if you don’t sleep, you are going to die. Period.

There are dozens of others. The point is to try one or two and not get discouraged if you don’t notice immediate results. Every journey starts with a single step — and we know you can do it.

We’re reminded of an article from earlier this year penned by Arnold Schwarzenegger who posted an amazing piece online that talked about his struggle to get back in shape after open-heart surgery. Even the Terminator has challenges. None of us should be afraid to step up and face our health demons head on.

All that said, we love Jetson. We created it because we saw the power gut health had on improving our co-founder, Stefan’s, MS. Yes, probiotics were a massive part of that. But true health can’t come from a pill alone, and we want you (after ordering Jetson!) to commit to taking a single step towards a better life. To anyone who tells you differently, feel free to use the Governator’s line.

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