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Strains In Jetson Summer Fit Probiotics

Strains In Jetson Summer Fit Probiotics

If you’re familiar with us, you know we love to talk about stuff we believe in – often and loudly.  Now, oftentimes when people talk loud and fast, others just… believe them. For us, this is ok because we have spent the long hours reading, researching and learning, so you can trust us.

But when it comes to supplements, it’s a different story.  There are no end of hucksters, frauds, and even sincere idiots pitching miracle pills.  So we thought we would take a few minutes to run through what makes Jetson different – and by different, we mean “work” better than other probiotics on the market.  So let’s take a look at a few of the particular strains in the summer Fit product (our current seasonal) and the scientific studies behind each of them.

Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM – derived from a strain cultured in 1900 in Austria by Dr. Ernst Moro, now comes from our friends at DuPont labs, USA

Bifidobacterium lactis (Bi-07)* – also from our friends at DuPont labs

  • 7 highly rated clinical studies, demonstrating clinical linkages to:

*Here’s an important kicker – many of the studies that showed some benefit ONLY were valid when combined with L.acidophilus NCFM (above).  This is why it’s so critical that your formulations aren’t just a random mishmosh of strains – many strains are synergistically related and only have some level of efficacy when combined together! 

Bacillus coagulans (SNZ1969) – cultured from an old Japanese strain discovered in 1949 by Dr. O. Nakayama, now from our friends art Sanzyme Biologics in India

  • 14 clinical studies (unrated) demonstrating clinical linkages to:
    • Heart Health – cholesterol and lipid levels
    • Oral Health – gum and mouth ulceration
    • Vaginitis – some guarding against in-vitro pathogens
    • Immunity – immunomodulatory activity (this is good)
    • Adult and infant diarrhea – reductions

And of course, Bifidobacterium lactis (B420) – discovered in 1899 as a dominant in human breast milk (get it – lactis?).  Now, comes from our friends at DuPont (man, we really buddied with DuPont for Fit!)

And finally, our powerhouse DE111 from our friends at Deerland Enzymes in Georgia, which we’ve already written about extensively here.

WHEW!  That was a ton to type (but imagine how long it took to research!) but hopefully now you have some context when I say Jetsons’s strains are not just some generic bacteria sourced from the lowest-bidder, but named, studied (and expensive) strains from the most reputable labs in the world.  As I’ve told any number of media folks, I built Jetson as a product I would want to take – which means it has to be the best. In fact, one could argue that Jetson was really just a way for me to make sure I always have access to the world’s best, freshest, and seasonal probiotic – and they might just win that argument





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