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How Jetson Probiotics Can Help With Weight Loss: The Science Behind A Leaner You

How Jetson Probiotics Can Help With Weight Loss: The Science Behind A Leaner You

Many people thought we were crazy to introduce seasonal probiotics. Indeed, many people were right. Managing a global supply chain as our bacteria comes from growers around the world, making sure we keep up with demand, and building a fresh product with a three month anti-shelf life is tricky. But we like tricky. We care so much about our mission to make Americans healthier, that it’s worth it for us to do the work for you. 

Going this route affords us the ability to create different products for different seasons – including our Summer formulation: Fit. So, today I’d like to walk through the clinical benefits of Fit, and since we all want to be shredded for summer, let’s focus on body composition. 

Let’s get our nerd on.

One of the coolest effects of Fit is that it can actually promote a leaner body with less fat. We’ve had several customers write in saying they have lost significant weight since starting Fit.  And while we don’t love to equate weight loss with a magic pill, the clinical trials tell the story.   

DE111 is a strain that is in each one of our seasonal formulations. At 5B CFU, combined with exercise and a 20 g protein recovery drink, DE111 promotes leaner body with reduced body fat and improved performance. That’s as close to a magic pill as you’re going to get.  So deal with it. (Side note: if you have problems falling asleep, and have some time to kill on government websites, you can read the full study here.) 

But wait, there’s more. You see, Jetson isn’t a one trick pony with a single strain. Fit actually has six strains living in harmony, and one of them is the absurdly expensive Bifidobacterium lactis (B420) which comes from our friends at DuPont.  B420 is a powerhouse bacteria that has significant clinical studies demonstrating its efficacy in reducing weight and trunk size.  Again, here is some sleepytime reading and here is a more fun version with pictures.

Finally, and this is an area where we need to tread lightly because the science is still emerging, we know that being able to absorb more of the amino acids from the protein one consumes can help increase muscle growth in the long run. With all the current hype around “getting protein” (which is not really a problem for the modern US diet, but wow – what a market), it’s important to remember that the body can’t really absorb more than 25g of protein in a sitting without some help. The good news is it appears that probiotics like DE111 can play a role in the use of protein for muscle growth and human recovery by promoting the absorption of key amino acids.
There is so much more to talk about but we don’t want to lose you. If you come away with one thing from reading about Fit, make it this: gut health is overall health. There’s no magic pill, but Fit was formulated to give you the seasonal diversity your body is craving right about now. 

Give Jetson a shot and report back: stefanw@wearejetson.com.
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