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Living Your Real, Best Life: Story of Stefan Weitz By Alberto Villodo

Living Your Real, Best Life: Story of Stefan Weitz By Alberto Villodo

An open letter from Alberto Villoldo, psychologist, medical anthropologist and author.

A few years ago, in his twenties, my friend Stefan Weitz was diagnosed with an “incurable autoimmune disease.”

Those of you who know me know that I don’t believe in “incurable.” I know that if you give the body what it needs to get healthy, the healing will happen naturally.

Stefan wanted to enjoy life and be as active and present with his daughter as possible, but he felt this diagnosis had handed him a death sentence and the Western drugs he was taking were making him feel like the walking dead every day. After thousands of dollars and hundreds of tests he discovered what was wrong.

His gut.

Stefan spent a fortune to repair his gut. A successful entrepreneur, he could afford the best. He hired top doctors and scientists to zero in on the best treatment. He learned that probiotics can do everything from improve eczema to combat postpartum depression─there is a stunning amount of science linking gut health to improved overall health.

But finding the right probiotics was expensive, frustrating, and exhausting. To be effective, probiotics must be fresh─meaning the bugs have to stay alive. Stefan learned that many of the products on the market contain lifeless bugs, or the bugs die as soon as they hit the acid in the stomach. It was hard to tell the hype from the beneficial “real bugs.”

But once he got on the right bugs and repaired his gut, his pain went away, his energy came back, and his mind was able to focus again. He completely recovered his health.

Stefan decided to use his hard-earned experience to create the world’s first seasonal probiotic with Jetson. I’m really excited about his product. Because just like we change with the seasons, our gut flora does as well.

I take Jetson daily, and trust that it’s always fresh, alive, and adapted to each of the four seasons:

I am convinced that Jetson probiotics are one of the best on the market. No hype, no BS. Fresh, small-batch, hand-made name-proven strains brought to you each month.

I hope you take gut health as seriously as I do and give Jetson a try today!