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What Jetson Customers Are Saying…

What Jetson Customers Are Saying…


Well folks, the results are in from our very first customer satisfaction survey – and boy are we excited. First off – thanks for responding – over a quarter of our customers took the survey (and it was a pretty long one) with 100% of people who began the survey actually completing it. That is amazing.
Now – onto the numbers. Don’t worry – we know you were told there would be no math in this post so we’ll keep it light. 

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first – are people noticing a difference in how they feel even after a few weeks?

For those who haven’t taken probiotics, an astonishing 64% of people report feeling better. That’s even above our testing models so we’re thrilled. For those who have been taking probiotics historically (including some crazy expensive brands who sing to the bacteria as they grow – not kidding), 58% report feeling better. That is frankly an even more impressive number as we’d assume that their guts were already in pretty good shape. We are truly seeing the benefit of freshness and seasonality in these numbers.
Beyond that, our youngest customer (who filled out the survey) was 25 and our oldest was 88(!). We have pretty even distribution across age bands – with a little more than a quarter of you ranging from 24-40, another quarter from 40-50 (wassup middle age!), another quarter in their 50s and the remainder above 60 (hi mom!)
You live (so far) in 24 different states, and are a pretty healthy bunch according to how many times you work out per week (even on the inflated “What Stefan Tells His Doctor” scale, this is pretty solid):

Bonus points to two of you who honestly answered the question around “how healthy to you generally eat” and told me “mostly unhealthy”. Gotta acknowledge the problem if you want to change it – so bravo, brave Big Mac eaters.
The only thing that has me perplexed is our gender breakdown. A massive 75% of customers who had previously taken probiotics are women, whereas new probiotic users were a more balanced 54/46 mix between females and males. C’mon guys.

Last up, you told us what sort of content you want to see from Jetson. 95% of all customers want to see more educational and informational content. We’re ON IT – we’re currently developing an entire microsite to help you cut through the BS and get focused on simple, real tips for your health. 40% want to laugh more (I’m trying) and 36% want more information to get them inspired and fired up. Gotcha. Info, laughter, and a little “no you’re crying” moments.
There’s a ton more, but we’ll leave you with this: remember that it’s not a shock that you’re feeling so great. Gut health is overall health– when thee gut is in good shape, so are you.

Thanks again for helping us get America healthier!