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Why Millennials are Aging Like Garbage

April 30, 2021 POSTED BY: Stefan Weitz

Welcome back to another week of rocketing around the sun. Is it really almost May?! It feels like just yesterday that I was shut in my house waiting for my superfoods bowl to be delivered. Oh wait, that was yesterday. Serenity now!!

While I was waiting for said bowl, I started browsing some of the most recent global health data (work hard and long enough and you, too, can spend your Thursday evenings reading the Journal of Infectious Disease). I came across something somewhat shocking:

Millennials are seeing their health decline faster than Gen X

For all the fun we Jetson elders poke at our millennial team members (born from 1981-1996) for their seemingly endless appetite for trying the latest Instagram health hack – the reality is quite different.

Would you believe me if I said that millennials are seeing their health decline faster than the previous generation (the Gen X-ers) as they age? In fact, millennials are on track to have a 40% higher mortality rate than Gen X as they hit 35 years of age.

Of course I dug into the data, and it appeared that some of the major issues affecting this group were related to the gut.

Both hypertension and depression have very clear links to the condition of the gut microbiome. Cholesterol and hyperactivity are also extensively studied to have a demonstrable link to gut health. I’ll say it again: gut health IS overall health. You simply can’t be healthy if your gut is out of whack

So what happens if we do nothing about it?

Moody’s calculated the impacts on millennials’ earning potential as a result of worsening health – and under a realistic scenario, the oldest millennials are expected to see real incomes drop $4500 from the level that the youngest Gen X-ers have today.

And since millennials make up 35% of the entire labor market, if over a third of our workforce is unable to go about their jobs across every sector of the economy (from retail to manufacturing, military to services), we not only have a national health crisis, but a national security crisis as well.

Well this mail got dark quickly! I think I may start happy hour early tonight just thinking about it!

So what do we do?

Well, the same thing we’ve been saying for almost 2 years now… Get quality sleep, drink lots of water, eat dark and leafy greens (and not processed, delicious little sausages), get out and move (it’s ok to have a Peloton girlfriend/boyfriend I’ve been assured), and take Jetson. These are the largest contributors to getting your gut in shape – and they’re attainable. Don’t take my word for it – just listen to Megan L., who wrote in this Monday:

"Incredible!I have been taking Jetson daily for three months now and I can confidently say that this product is incredible. When I started looking for a probiotic, it was simply to aid in digestion. I didn't know a probiotic could do more than that, and honestly I was mildly skeptical that it would even do that. I stumbled onto Jetson after seeing their cheeky ads online and thought I may as well try them. I signed up for a monthly seasonal subscription and got my first bottle (Immunity) a week or so later. The first month was a big adjustment for my system, but the benefits far outweighed the side effects suffered for a few weeks. My digestion has changed some, but the biggest impact made by this supplement has been in my anxiety, which was shocking. I have had noticeably fewer issues with my anxiety, I sleep better, and I feel more energetic and confident than I ever have before. I'm still gluten intolerant, but alas, this pill is a probiotic and not a miracle ;-) I have been thrilled with the results Jetson has given me and I highly recommend their products."

Every day we get letters and notes from customers across the country about how improving their gut health has drastically improved their lives. Together we can make a massive difference!

Stefan Weitz, Jetson Founder

One Thing to Mention to: The Voluspa Candle addict. Where’s all that candle wax going??