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Travel Day Isn’t a Cheat Day: How To Workout While Travelling

Travel Day Isn’t a Cheat Day: How To Workout While Travelling

During the summer months, we know a lot of you are traveling, near and far, alone or with your families, but never forgetting your Jetson (right??). We keep these kinds of seasonal lifestyle in mind helps when we go out looking for the the coolest new strains to put into Jetson probiotics. 

All that said, when you’re on the road, you won’t always have access to a gym – or the time to go seek one out.  In the past, that was just an excuse to yell “cheat day!” down the halls of hotels but when you find yourself yelling that about half the time, it’s a slippery slope for cheat day becoming every day.  

We have tried a bunch of different things to minimize the space travel workout gear would take in a suitcase (because PRO TIP: never check a bag) – from buying resistance bands, to buying the world’s most ridiculous looking shoes to even the TRX system – the reality was we are never motivated enough to bring them (and constantly made excuses like not having enough room in our suitcases).   

The one thing You’ll always have with you?  Your phone. Which means YouTube. 

Which means access to an amazing bevy of workout videos – but still – many require gear that you probably won’t want to bring (if you’re anything like us).  When we stumbled across Fitness Blender on Youtube (along with apparently 5.7M other people – never say I am not current!)  we knew we had to share. We love these guys – simple, FREE no-BS workouts that generally require no gear and you can plow thru them in as little as 10-15 minutes.  There are 550(!) videos on the channel even though there are only 320 pairs of muscles – go figure. Daniel, half of the duo, is awesome and won’t make you feel like a weakling when you have to drop to your knees for the 8th push-up set.  

We’re sure there are many other excellent videos out there (like this guy and his awesome accent who punishes a towel in search of the perfect no-weights-required bicep), but the bottom line is you can literally work out anywhere.  Bonus tip – you don’t even need to bring workout gear anymore – when you work out in your hotel room, undies fit the bill. Just try to avoid the mirrors.