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Getting Started To A New Year, Happier You

Erin Ambrose - Customer Service and Ops Manager at Jetson Probiotics

Today on the blog, Erin – Jetson’s Customer Service and Operations Manager – is taking over to kick off our New Year, Happier You health challenge. Erin will be sharing why she began her health journey in the first place, tips and tricks for starting strong, and how she lost over 65 pounds in one year with no fad diets, programs or unrealistic goals.

Is Probiotic Yogurt Healthy & Safe For Babies & Kids?

kid having yogurt
As parents, we want the very best for our children, especially when it comes to the foods they’re putting into their bodies. Nutrition is essential for providing growing bodies with everything they need to reach their full potential. It’s common knowledge that one of the best ways to keep our kids healthy is by limiting sugar and processed foods, and making sure they eat a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, dairy and wholegrains. If you’ve got picky eaters, this is easier said than done. Which is why many parents turn to probiotic enriched yogurt to sneak beneficial bacteria and nutrients into their diet without having to deal with a temper tantrum.

The Importance of The First 1000 Days

The Importance of The First 1000 Days
The 1,000 is the first 1,000 days between the moment of conception and age 2. In the scientific community, it is considered the most profound period in nutrition and development. What a child eats in this window will determine their health for the rest of their life. Known as a ‘golden opportunity,’ there are three factors known to contribute to early brain development: reduction of toxic stress, the presence of a strong social support and secure attachment, and the provision of optimal nutrition. 

A New Mood Probiotic Is Here

A New Mood Probiotic Is Here
If you’ve been around for a while, you have probably tried out our Mood formulation before. But things changed this year, and here’s why. Every week, we have a meeting with our SEO guru named Collin, who tells us what questions people are asking on the internet. Then we talk to Erin, the woman in charge of answering your questions personally. Turns out, a whole lot of you want the scoop on probiotics for mental health. Probably because we’ve been locked in the house since March, but that’s just a wild guess. Prozac isn’t always the answer (no, neither is zoloft).