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All-in-one vaginal and gut probiotic
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Balance during + after antibiotics
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Balance during + after antibiotics
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Increases energy, decreases bloating and contains the most studied strain for weight loss.
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Enhances your immune system to limit the duration and intensity of colds.
The all-in-one vaginal & gut probiotic for anyone with a vagina. Jetson Womens probiotic...
Upgrade Your Routine
You should be taking probiotics daily. But sometimes, you’re going to need reinforcements. These products take your gut health regimen to the next level so you’re always taken care of.
A novel prebiotic that’s considered the starting point for a healthy gut.
One Time: $20. Must purchase a probiotic.
A probiotic that maintains digestive balance while taking antibiotics.
Don't Forget the Kids
Prebiotics and probiotics in one for kids have all the same benefits of Jetson, except created with your growing littles in mind. Jettie's formulations include clinically proven strains, rotated twice yearly and delivered straight to your door.