Adult Probiotics Reinvented
The only clinically-proven, multistrain probiotic for adults that rotates its strains seasonally.
Rotation On Our Terms
When research proved the gut needs rotated strains to achieve optimal health, we listened. Our seasonal program rotates strains every 3 months for you, with formulations tailored to your specific needs as they change throughout the year.
Fit for summer, Mood for fall, Immunity for winter, and Outside for spring. Learn more
Rotation On Your Terms
Want to take matters into your own hands? Live somewhere without four seasons? Rotate your strains on your own time and create a program that works for you. We’re not going to try convincing Floridians they have a “traditional” winter.
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In the dashboard, swap your current product for a new one.
Increases energy, decreases bloating and contains the most studied strain for weight loss.
Reduces anxiety, improves your mood and supports your immune system.
Enhances your immune system to limit the duration and intensity of colds.
Ever wonder why your skin breaks out after eating certain foods or a stressful...
Upgrade Your Routine
You should be taking probiotics daily. But sometimes, you’re going to need reinforcements. These products take your gut health regimen to the next level so you’re always taken care of.
A novel prebiotic that’s considered the starting point for a healthy gut.
One Time: $20. Must purchase a probiotic.
A probiotic that maintains digestive balance while taking antibiotics.
Don't Forget the Kids
Jettie probiotics for babies and kids have all the same benefits of Jetson, except created with your growing littles in mind. Jettie's formulations include clinically proven strains, rotated twice yearly and delivered straight to your door.