We select the best, most innovative strains

Every week we get together as a team to review our customer feedback, the latest science and newest technology to decide how to build the next set of our products – whether that be our rotated formulations, Gut Recovery, or Gut Prep. Once we lock on a concept for the season (or an intra-season change), we work to identify the strains and ingredients that have evidence to support the effects we want to have for our customers.

We source and ship the raw materials

Our strains come from all over the planet – literally. Austria, Japan and England – just a few of the birthplaces of our bacteria. The labs who farm these bacteria are also all over the world – so it’s a complex balancing act to get the right bugs at the right time while making sure they arrive alive!

Once we identify the suppliers, they ship the bugs and other materials to our top-secret US facility in Georgia (ok, the top-secret part might be a bit of an overstatement…)

We manufacture “Just-in-Time”

As the ingredients trickle in, they are locked away in an industrial-freezer the size of a small field, complete with redundant power and cooling systems. There, they go through an eleven step quality process to verify, validate and build a system to make sure the right bugs make it into the right pills. Fun fact: the bugs never leave the freezer during this entire time, meaning our scientists and technicians take “chill” to the next level.  

When it’s time to mix everything together for our products, they enter the Production Zone. This state-of-the-art facility features four-inch insulated wall and roof panels, epoxy coated floors and a vapor barrier with a permeability rating near zero. Nothing gets in or out. There are multiple clean rooms with Sanisteel antibacterial wall panels and the rooms are temperature and humidity controlled (two things that can kill raw bugs) 24/7/365.

Once the bugs are brought to room temp, the production begins. Just like launching a nuclear missile, everything is done in a two-person team. One to do the work, another to check it. From here, the ingredients are mixed, packaged, tested and verified multiple times in 4 different ways to make sure the pills and powders are exactly right.  

When our capsules go through bottling, all the empty bottles are individually ‘rinsed’ with deionized air and then immediately filled, sealed and labeled just after the pills are made. We don’t let our pills sit around like other facilities. Again, everything is tested multiple times using machine vision, RFID technology and human know-how.

From there, the finished goods head back to a cold room where 5 days of more batch-level testing and quarantine takes place.  

Yes, it’s all a little extreme. But that’s just the way we do things around here.

We use the best ingredients and materials

It’s not just the bacteria and other botanicals that make Jetson special, it’s everything else we do to build the world’s best probiotic.

Our capsules are vegan and specially designed to not break down in your stomach so the bacteria get to where they need to go – your gut.  

Even our packaging is designed for maximum recyclability and reuse. We’ve received more than one note about how people are reusing their Jetson bottles for all sorts of clever things – for example, to bring almond milk through airport checkpoints. Don’t ask.

Bottom line? We at Jetson spend so much time obsessing over the details of each aspect of our product. Again, are we perfect? Nope. But every day we strive to achieve that elusive goal.

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Get with the program.

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