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I love this set up. Not only do I not have to worry about running out but I love how the strains change for the season. Immunity was great in the winter months especially working in the hospital. And with Skin I have notice less breakouts with my masks. I love this probiotic and so thankful for finding them

Fit Probiotics
Kendra Forrester
It works!

I’ve never been more regular in my life. I’ve only tried Fit strain, so I can’t speak to if it gives me more energy or if it’s just spring/summer and I’m more active. I have definitely noticed a decrease in my bloat.

Definitely improved my overall gut health!!

I have struggled with chronic nausea and intestinal discomfort for years, and taking Jetson daily over the last few months has greatly improved my symptoms. Would highly recommend for anyone, whether you have tummy issues or not!

It’s been a few months and I haven’t noticed a huge change. I would say so
Far it’s comparable to other probiotics that I have used. The auto shipment is super convenient though.

Life changer!

I am in month 3 of my Jetson subscription. Month 1 was Gut Prep plus Immunity and months 2 & 3 Skin. My belly feels so much better! I've focused on cleaning up my diet in conjuction with this supplement and I can honestly say that I've had significant improvement. Lots of bloating and gas prior, now both atre virtually gone. I'm considering starting my 15 y/o on them as well. Highly recommend this product!!

Probiotics that are convenient!

I've always been on the look out for probiotics that actually make me feel a difference and at an affordable price. Thanks to the paceline app I was able to try them out and have fallen in love. Love the convivence of it, delivered to you monthly and with the option to move the date around if need be. The seasonal probiotics that keep you going throughout the year, change is good and I'm glad they make that easy for you!

Feel Better All Over

These probiotics are amazing. They make me feel better from my stomach to my skin to my sleep. Would recommend.

Gut health made easy

As someone who suffers from diverticulitis I spend a lot of time on antibiotics and gut health is really important to controlling my condition. Jetson makes it so easy to keep my gut biome healthy with a variety of strains delivered right to my door. I highly recommend it!

Fit Probiotics
Aaliyah Neal
These are great

I bought these for a few reasons, mostly that my mother had diverticulitis years ago, as well as RA and CKD now, and balancing her response to food is always a challenge. Probiotics always help, but these are better than any others we have tried by far. The fact that they are delivered regularly and I don’t have to worry about them not being in stock or no longer available is fantastic as well

Fit Probiotics
Kelly J.
Why didn't I try this sooner??

I had seen a lot of ads for Jetson, so I figured I would give it a shot and try it for a few months and see how it was. But YA'LL- I was so pleasently surprised when I started noticing changes after the first few weeks. I didn't feel gross and bloated all the time, I felt like my digestive system was working a little more smoothly, and I feel more energetic than I used to! I do wish the bottles were smaller, since they seem kinda big for just the 1-month supply, but I'm so glad I started my subscription!

Feeling great!

I'm so glad I decided to try Jetson. I have noticed a lot less bloating and I'm more regular. I'm on my second seasonal formula and I'm excited to try all four!

Fit Probiotics
Jill Parrett
Keeps things moving

I haven’t had much luck with probiotics before Jetson. I’d be gassy, bloated, or both. I definitely needed probiotics, as my normal state was irregular and sluggish. But with Jetson, I feel...normal! Things work and move the way they’re supposed to. Definitely worth it for me.

Fit Probiotics
Ginnie German
Seems to work!

I’ve been using this for a couple months now, and I do think it’s helping to regulate me and helping prevent bloating.

Skin Probiotics
Nicole Shipman
Still evaluating...

I’ve been using the skin probiotic for a month now and I’m not sure what I think yet. I have been breaking out on my face but I don’t know if the probiotic is to blame or if it’s something else. I’ve used Jetson probiotics for 3 months and I still have bloating and gas. I do think the mood probiotic improved my mood, though so I’ll switch back to that one and see what happens.

Less bloating

This is the first probiotic that I have tried that actually made a difference. I notice much less bloating now and things are way more ‘regular’ than they used to be. It’s become an important pay of my routine.

Just not there yet

I am either on my 3rd or 4th bottle of JETSON Probiotics and have not noticed a difference. I was hoping for so digestive help by taking them religiously before breakfast and so far, I am still miserable. I have not noticed any improvement but I am willing to try for a few more months. My first few bottles were Immunity and though they may have helped, I have not really left our house in months so I can't vouch for them. On the Skin Probiotics now and since I have no real skin issues I can't judge this one either. Looking forward to the Fit batch and hopefully some gut health change soon!

Instant Result

I have tried apple cider vinegar, yogurt, and other products to supplement my gut health, but to no avail. I wanted to reduce the bloatedness I felt in the morning that would progressively get worse throughout the day. When I came across Jetson I thought it would be something easy to try since it's one capsule per day. I took a chance with "Gut Prep" and Immunity and felt less bloated the next day. Ever since I have started taking Jetson, my morning bloatedness is gone and I feel great to start off the day.


Jetson has helped me be more regular and is much easier than other things I've tried. One pill in the morning and you're good! I definitely recommend.


Love these so much! I even got my husband on them too. They make us feel great.


I love love love it! I’ve had issues with my stomach for the past 10 years. This has helped immensely. It has gone past my stomach though. It’s helped my overall energy I think ❤️

Great product

Since I started taking the probiotics, I feel more energetic and balanced overall.


I love the convenience of these, it's one less thing I need to remember to stay on top of. I wish the price point was lower but you get what you pay for.

Pandemic miracle

As with most people, for me the pandemic brought on a huge amount of stress. I started gaining weight, my skin went crazy with insane breakouts, and my stomach was regularly unhappy. A few months ago I started using Jetson (I have taken only Immunity and Skin so far). The weight gain has stopped, my skin is clear, and my digestion is back better than normal. My only complaint is that I wasn’t taking Jetson sooner.

Helps Chronic Illness and Autoimmune gut heal;th

I have a pretty trashed digestive system from chronic and autoimmune illness. I was taking another probiotic that I’m pretty sure was doing NOTHING 😂

Since starting Jetson my symptoms have improved significantly. The most noticeable improvements are less gas (especially with foods like eggs), less gut volatility, and eased constipation. I think it is also helping a casein intolerance that aggravates those issues. My digestive system will likely always struggle given my health conditions, but Jetson is definitely helping!

The Skin formula seems to be kicking in, I am about 3 weeks into taking it and my cystic acne is calmed; not sure if Jetson is the only factor but I thought it was worth mentioning! My hopes are high and my gut and face are happier than they have been in a long time. ☺️

Life Changing probiotic!

I have been struggling with gut issues & bloating for close to 8 years and after many unsuccessful attempts with other probiotics I found JETSON. With in the first few days I could already start to physically feel the JETSON probiotic was working. Now, 4 months in, I can eat foods that were off limits for various reasons, other health issues(including skin problems) have started to disappear and my mood has seen a noticeable change(according to my wife). Remembering to take JETSON probiotics is not a problem as you quickly realize how important they are when you miss a day.