Jetson Product Reviews

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Feeling better already

I’ve been using the monthly subscription for about 3 months (Fit) and I feel much better. I still have some issues with #2 at times, but usually when I don’t drink enough water. Otherwise, I don’t feel bloated after eating and love that fact!

Haven’t experienced any change

Almost done with my first bottle. Really want to believe the hype but haven’t noticed any change. Going to try one more month and see if I can tell a difference. May switch back to my previous probiotic if no difference.

So far, pretty good!

Still having some IBS flare-ups I wish I wasn’t having, but I’m giving this more time. I think I liked the Skin formula better than I do the Fit formula. Excited to try Immune formula next month.

Great Product

I feel this product has made a postive change in my bathroom habits and digestion. I love the autoship so I don't run out.


I have noticed a big difference since I started using Jetson probiotics! Great product!

Enjoying it

Good product, I like the philosophy of the company. Haven’t seen specific bloating/weight loss results, but otherwise happy.

Peace of mind

I have peace of mind knowing that I'm doing something good for my gut. I love the convenience and how the formula changes with the seasons. I also think I've noticed less bloating. I will be a long time customer! I look forward to seeing results over even more time.


I’ve been taking Jetson for several months, and I love them!

Worth it

If you skeptical try jetson last.
I tried a bunch of grocery store probiotics and then I found jetson.
My stomach has never been happier.

Helped my skin!

Love these probiotics. They really helped clear my hormonal acne. The capsules don't have a taste and are easy to swallow. I also like the sustainable packaging and glass bottles - they look great on my counter! Highly recommend

Fit Probiotics
Amanda Schuster
Decent as probiotic, does not deliver other promises

I have been taking this product for two months and see zero difference as compared to other probiotics. It pretty much works the same as any I've found over the counter. I work out regularly and keep a pretty healthy diet and there is zero change in "fitness" from taking this product than before.

Fit Probiotics
Mario R.
Helped A Lot!

Was skeptical because I've tried a lot of similar products, but so far so good! Def worth it.

Love this

This is the first prebiotic that I actually notice a difference in my body functions. I am not bloated later in the day and I stay regular.. not every three days as before. This will be continuing to have a special place on my counter for a long time :)

Mood Probiotics
Kimberly Steide
Great Product

I've seen quite a change in my son's anxiety since he started taking these. It's been 3 months and I'm so pleased with the improvements I've seen.

I like it!

I've been taking Fit daily for over 3 months now and it's really been good. The bloating and energy issues I had been experiencing gradually went away after about 3 weeks! Cravings have also modified. I have not lost any weight, pretty sure that's on me ;)

Regularity and Less Bloating

Hard to say after less than two months, but I’ve noticed more regularity with both “Skin” and “Fit”. I’ve also been less bloated while using “Fit”. No complaints so far, but it’s still too early to be definitive.

Extremely satisfied!

I have suffered from anxiety for nearly my entire life. It would fluctuate through my life especially with hormonal changes. Despite finding some success with standard antidepressants and becoming a Licensed Counselor treating anxiety and depression; I always felt like I could feel better. I would pick up the bad habit of self medicating with alcohol and just ignoring the symptoms. This led to a decrease in healthy eating, over-drinking, and barely exercising. I have been on this product for nearly 2 weeks now. After feeling slightly better with some probiotics from the pharmacy I decided to look into those that appeared to really address my needs. I will be honest, I did experience some stomach discomfort for a few days. In my opinion it was because my body was lacking these necessary things and adjusting to the introduction. WELL, let me tell you. Not only have my gastrointestinal symptoms decreased but so has my desire to self medicate. My anxiety, especially when driving is nearly gone. I am back to training for marathons. It is amazing how I can actually tell a difference in my thought process and overall brain health. I highly recommend that if you are feeling imbalanced or haven't had success with other products you try this.

I actually feel a difference

I've had the Skin and Fit formulations so far and not too long after starting, I actually noticed positive changes in my digestion. I've tried various health food store brands over the years, but none have been as clearly functional as Jetson. Looking forward to trying the other formulations in the coming seasons!

Ok so far

I’ve had the Skin and the Fit probiotics so far. I did not like the Skin, I broke out more than I ever have! But I like the Fit, I feel less bloated. I’m thinking instead of seasonal I should just get the Fit year round, stick with what works right?

Seasonal Probiotics

I have been very happy with this probiotics, specifically with the Fit one. I can tell that my stomach is feeling much better and not so bloated.
I have to be in a Fodmap diet and it is not easy for me. I love this product and I will definitely recommend it.

Fit Probiotics
Kristen Cabrera
Super happy! Must Try!

I have been using Fit probiotic for about three months now and I can say that it has made me super regular, which has been an issue previously. I have used several different probiotics in the past, but since I have changed to Jetsons I have not had any constipation issues. Definitely worth a try if you are considering.

Fit Probiotics
April P.
So far so good!

I have been taking this for a few months now and I haven't seen an increase in my energy levels yet but I have notice less bloating and gas, fewer issues with heartburn, and almost shocking regularity lol. I have tried other probiotics in the past and these seem far more effective. I'm definitely going to keep up with the Fit probiotics for now and maybe switch things up come fall.

Fit Probiotics
Alison Kelly
Very happy with this product!

Ive been taking this for a few months now, and am very happy with the results! Within a few days, I noticed that I had more energy. I feel much less bloated, and the FIT probiotic has helped with regularity. Excellent product!

Great Probiotic

Been very happy so far (2 months) especially with the FIT probiotic. Really keeps things moving 😃

Good probiotic

They ship right to your door.
I feel better than I have for awhile (gut-healthwise).
I need to order more because I am almost out.