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Awesome Product

I’ve had gut issues forever but Jetson’s Fit has really helped, more so than anything else has! It’s part of my daily routine and I would 10/10 recommend to anyone experiencing gut problems.


Works good but customer service is horrible.

Fit Probiotics
Justin Sowder
I love the way these make me feel

I am quite the skeptic about pills! I believe in the power of probiotics and I am certain that unlocking human health will require further study of the symbiosis between us and our guts. I've tried many probiotics and none of them have done anything 'noticeable' for me. Meaning I didn't feel one way or another, it's possible they were doing things for me that I didn't sense. This pill however has changed my mind about probiotics. It actually makes me feel great. I think I feel energized by it. I would definitely recommend people try it.

Fit Probiotics
Greg Kost


One of the best things I do for myself

I’ve tried many probiotics - this is THE one that I can tell a difference with.

Skin Probiotics
Stephanie Mauslein

I didn't think it was doing much until I stopped using it! Within two weeks more breakouts and oilier skin. It did take a few months to see a big difference, long enough for me to think it wasn't doing anything. Have restarted and hope to see my pretty skin back soon!

Love the seasonal differences

I think what sets Jetson apart is the added bonuses you get each season above and beyond the fresh probiotics. I started out with Fit and in addition to the probiotic benefits expected, I think the formula really does what it says - I also noticed a difference in my metabolism! I'm excited for Mood and its formulation designed for heading into the cold months!

Fit Probiotics
Emily P.
I can eat whatever I want

I have a very sensitive stomach after an antibiotic mishap almost 10 years ago. I've been using Jetson since 2019 and I can't imagine living without it! I can eat "risky" foods without worrying about diarrhea a few hours later. For years I couldn't eat red meat, dairy, or fiber-heavy meals without consequences. Now I can eat like a garbage disposal (as a treat!) and not have to worry about where the bathroom will be in a few hours. Plus, I don't get horrendous gas anymore. I could clear a room like a bulldog!

Skin Probiotics
Melissa Nelson
My skin looked amazing

While taking skin, my face looked absolutely amazing! Clear skin and smooth which is not normal for me unfortunately. My subscription changed to fit and I couldn't not figure out why my skin seemed to be looking less vibrant as each week passed. Then it dawned on me that it was because of "skin", I need to be on skin year round!!

Hard to say

I have been using Jetson for about 3 months. I haven't noticed any special changes, personally. No real side effects either. I mean, it's a probiotic, there's not great literature supporting their use but I figure there is likely no harm in trying. I've only gotten the FIT version three times, so I will probably try a different one if that's what they ship next month and might cancel after that. On a positive note, shipping is fast and timely and I've had no issues with the company itself.

Happy Subscriber

I've been taking Jetson daily for about a year now, and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Noticeable Difference

I’ve been taking the seasonal probiotics since August now and I can honestly say I feel different. The first two weeks my gut underwent some serious “cleaning” and now the difference is seen in my ability to eat foods with less pain and bloating.

Not a miracle

It’s not a miracle product. However, it’s the most effective probiotic I’ve tried.

Works like a charm

Bought it for my dad when he was having terrible digestive issues and I had a good feeling about this. And sure enough it did the trick. Made him better than he was before and he loves it. Highly recommend.

so much better than the store bought kind

I have an annoying number of food intolerances and sensitivities, plus I'm allergic to all basic antibiotics. I had been on a heavy rotation of store bought probiotics and I can say Jetson is far and away better! I feel more balanced, (ahem) regular, and have less gas/stomach pain. Such a relief!

Gut Prep Prebiotics
Vickie Morris
Gut Prep Works

Finally a probiotic that really works. I have never felt better. Bloat gone and no indigestion pain. Best one out there!!

I feel good

Thanks to Jetson’s products, my old stomach feels good.

Overall good product

Aside from being a little expensive, this is a very effective probiotic. Works best in conjunction with diet & exercise program

Finally a product that works!

I've been using the seasonal probiotic for a few months and it has changed my relationship with food. No longer in constant pain. I can't recommend this product enough. Nor am I crippled by bloat or overly fearful of foods, within reason. Looking forward to seeing what the next seasonal batch has in store. Thanks Jetson team!

Life changing

Have been using Jetson’s for 3 months now and it is literally life changing! Less stomachaches and bloating! Better digestion and easier bathroom visits. The auto refill is awesome not having to think about reordering! I tell everyone about it

Good for recovery

I had to take medication that messed with my gut biome. That translated to constipation, which I had never experienced before. Easily fixed with just any probiotic, right? Well,no. Some probiotics didn't really do much, and some actually seemed to make it worse. I saw an ad for Jetson and decided the price was competitive enough to try it out, and after 3 months it's actually been really great, I feel normal in every way digestive wise.

Amazing, I can’t recommend it enough!

It’s been awesome to see the difference in how I feel. Better gut health has made a huge difference in my indigestion and bowl movements. I feel amazing and never new it would be this simple to feel so much better


Didn't think probiotocs make a difference. Tried lots of over the counter with no luck, then I found Jetson!! I can't recommend it to enough people!!

Skin Probiotics
Marlene Robbins
Eczema and highly reactive skin

I’ve been taking this for about two months. I have eczema on my face and dry flaky patches which are significantly improved. My highly reactive skin is much calmer and clearer than it has been in quite some time. I have been so impressed with the product, I even gifted a bottle to my son’s friend who struggles with acne. Thank you Jetson!


A friend recommended Jetson and I was hesitant at first because I already had a brand I was using. I finally subscribed and love that they change with the seasons. It’s easy, I don’t have to keep track of when to order and I feel great.