We’ve made it pretty clear how beneficial probiotics can be for you and your family. Whether you’ve just started taking Jetson, or you’re giving your little ones Jettie, you might be wondering, “what should we be feeling right now?”

When you start taking probiotics, you’re introducing a host of beneficial microbes that will quickly begin to multiply in the digestive tract. These friendly flora work hard to crowd out the types of bacteria and yeast you don’t want in your body. This is great— it’s why you’re taking probiotics in the first place! However, while healthy bacteria are taking hold and colonizing the digestive system, you might notice a few unexpected changes. You or your child may experience a little gas, along with changes in the frequency and texture of bowel movements (BMs). This is totally normal as your body adjusts, but we recommend upping your fluid intake during this phase.

Soon, your stomach will adapt and you’ll notice less gas. You might continue to see increased or decreased BMs as your body gets accustomed to its new gut health. A healthy gut means better absorption of nutrients, so your BMs are more efficient and better quality.

How will you know if it’s working?

Everyone’s a little different—some might feel changes within the first few weeks, and for others it could take up to two months. Some people might not even feel a change at all, but that doesn’t mean your probiotics aren’t doing their job.

In the background, probiotics are balancing your gut, helping with nutrient absorption and boosting the immune system. If you’re eating a diet that’s rich in processed foods, your gut is likely in pretty bad shape. While probiotics are working their magic, you may notice a shift in BM’s or an increase in gas. Like we said, this will level out. However, if you have a relatively healthy gut, you may not notice a difference, especially in BMs— this doesn’t mean they aren’t working to keep you regular and boost your immune system.

Reaping the benefits

Once your body adjusts to your probiotic routine, you can sit back, relax, and appreciate the benefits of improved gut health. The most palpable will be a decrease in bloating, a change in BMs and a reduction in stomach sensitivity. However, there are many behind the scenes improvements that you might not notice right off the bat, like:

If you have any questions about what to expect when taking Jetson or Jettie, please reach out to support@wearejetson.

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