Jettie was founded by a mother of two boys, both delivered by c-section. When they were born, she knew they needed a probiotic to provide the good bacteria they didn’t receive from vaginal birth. Her pediatrician said any probiotic was fine, but she wanted her kids to have the best. She looked for a high-quality probiotic that rotated its strains, was flavorless and easy to sneak into her kids’ drinks, delivered monthly, and proven to be effective. It didn’t exist, so she created Jettie.

Jettie changes seasonally—rotating twice a year to expose your child’s gut to a variety of strains. This powdered probiotic is created in small batches and delivered directly to your door, ensuring ease for parents and fresh probiotics for tiny guts everywhere. Jettie is backed by science. We’ll always be transparent about what’s in our products and how they help the body with immunity, digestion and more.

Let’s break it down.


Jettie is seasonal, meaning we change our formulation twice a year. Once upon a time—like, way back—we only put things in our bodies when they were in season and naturally ripe for harvesting. Jettie takes note from our ancestors—using ingredients that change throughout the year to keep up with the body’s changing needs. For example, you’ll notice that the Fall/Winter Jettie probiotic will focus on immunity, so your child can make it through cold and flu season with fewer sick days.


Our products don’t sit on any shelves except your own. Jettie probiotics are made in small batches for every season and shipped directly to your door—ensuring that when the good bugs get to the gut, they’re still alive and ready to go to work in the microbiome. Jettie probiotics are specially formulated to survive the trip from your child’s mouth to their gut without losing any of the good stuff along the way.

Backed by science

All of our strains have published studies that point to real results. From helping with food sensitivities to decreasing inflammation, our strains pack a punch—and we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Simple, convenient health

Life as a parent is chaotic. That’s why we wanted to make incorporating Jettie into your child’s diet as easy as possible. It’s as simple as mixing a small packet of flavorless powder into your child’s drink everyday, and watching them reap the benefits of a healthy, balanced gut. Jettie is flavorless, so even picky eaters won’t know you’ve snuck some gut building goodness into their apple juice. Sit back, relax and start teaching your little one to trust their gut.

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