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14 years ago, Jetson’s co-founder was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease – and that wasn’t going to work for him. At the time, he was running teams on four continents, had a new daughter, and was a hard charging tech guy. Hey couldn’t slow down and he wasn’t about to lay down. So he got serious about solving his health challenges and along the way, learned a ton. 14 years later, he’s symptom free, the disease has stopped and he is still a hard charging guy – but now his mission is to help America get healthier. You can read more of the story here.

Here’s how we do it.


We work with the best people in the world

Many companies have advisors who focus on probiotics for bowel movements. Their experts are purely gastroenterologists and other GI people. While we love those folks, we believe in the power (based on science) of probiotics to do much more than just help you in the bathroom.  

That’s why we travel the world to talk and work with experts in how the gut affects overall health. We’ve gone to Tasmania, Belgium, and Germany in the last few months to seek out the preeminent doctors and scientists in the space and we regularly collaborate with researchers across the USA. Together these people both inform and validate our approach, our formulas, and our science to bring you the world’s best probiotic. It’s expensive, it’s a lot of time on airplanes and video calls, and it’s stressful – but it’s worth it.

We listen and respond to customers

There’s nothing we love more than watching how people are using our products and making them better based on feedback. We’re not just a company – we’re part of a community that wants to help our members live better. And when that community tells us they want something – we listen. For example, even from our launch in June until early August, here is how our products have evolved:

  • Ben in Denver wondered if there was anything we could do in the fall formulation to help him increase his focus and memory. So we added L.Acetyl Carnitine for fall.
    • Joy from Indianapolis was concerned about the substance we were using to keep our bugs stable and alive (rice maltodextrin). While we selected that initially because it wasn’t corn and is generally considered benign, we found an even better substance with no concerns from anyone! So now our fall formulation has rice bran versus maltodextrin.
    • Some of our most valuable customers are vegan – and while one of the strains we planned on using in fall is technically vegan, it was grown in a milk-product. We scoured the world to find a strain that had the same benefits, but was grown in a vegan medium – and boom.
    • Not that we ever really considered it, there was a notion of making Jettie (our probiotic for babies and kids) flavored. While we liked it, the reality is the formulation required sugar. And since sugars will kill you, we switched up the whole formula to make sure we could build it sugar-free.

We track the new strains and push for commercialization (gotta be safe!)

    • We meet with our manufacturer and formulator weekly to track industry progress and discuss new strains that are coming to market. As much as we would simply like to incorporate new strains as soon as they have clinical validation, there is a rigorous process we follow with our manufacturer to ensure they are safe, high quality and available!  
    • Both the key novel ingredients across our line (DE111 and PreForPro) are new to the market and have real, clinically vetted benefits that weren’t easily available to consumers before we launched Jetson.
    • We plan to keep pushing the envelope. Check this out – a clinically validated weight loss bacteria– which will soon be commercialized in Europe – and then could be in Jetson!

We make it simple

    • To order – we only offer a couple of products at a time, we have a no hassle satisfaction guarantee, no BS to cancel subscriptions, ninja-fast and competent customer service (we do it all in house with all of us taking turns on the helpdesk!). We built the company we always wanted to interact with as a consumer.
    • To learn- our blogs are written by a nerd (Stefan) that has had 20 years experience in making complex stuff simple. So while you can trust we understand the hard science, we’re going to make it as simple as possible to understand for the rest of you that don’t have 8 hours to kill parsing a Nature article.
    • To take – one pill a day. We know you forget, so we make it easy to be reminded with our SMS texting service.
    • To (hopefully) be inspired to be healthier – Our team is obsessed with health (except for one of us who brought KETCHUP FLAVORED CHIPS into the office – no, it doesn’t matter that they are only sold in Canada). We’re not going to lecture you – we’re going to show you simple ways to get and stay healthy without all the BS. Remember – 5 things really matter – water, greens, sleep, movement and a healthy gut. The rest just makes someone else rich.

We’re constantly improving

From our jars to our packaging material, our formulations to how we handle customer service requests – one thing that is constant at Jetson is change. Literally nothing stays the same for longer than absolutely required because we believe in radical levels of honesty and self-improvement (except we do tell Jessie who leads marketing that we don’t notice her Invisalign, which is really not true).

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