Look, we don’t like to brag but we honestly built Jetson to be the best probiotic in the world. Are we perfect yet? No. Are we working every single day of the week to improve the last 2%? Yep.  

Besides being the only probiotic to rotate it's strains for you – something we’ve already covered on this site – there are a few things we’re especially proud of that separate us from the rest of the folks just trying to sell you pills.

      • We use named strains – not generic stuff like our competitors…

      Supplement facts of others' probiotic

      This is super important. You see, many other probiotics use generic strains and don’t even list the amounts on the label. You can bet that in the above product 95% of the pill is generic Lactobacillus acidophilus – which is cheap and plentiful. There are many different strains of L.acidophilus, but if isn’t L.acidophilus NCFM like in Jetson, you don’t know what you are getting and more importantly – you don’t know that you are going to get any of the benefits of NCFM. In other words, if manufacturers don’t use a studied strain, you really can’t be sure the product is going to do anything for you.

      Why do they do this? Cost. Generic L.acidophilus is 10-20% of the cost of NCFM and it comes from who-knows-where.

      • Our fillers (which are required to hold the bugs in the capsule to keep them safe and potent – ignore anyone who says they don’t have fillers) are benign – and the ones others use aren’t always good for you.
      • Our capsules are a proprietary Korean design that is focused on ensuring the bacteria actually reach the place where they have an impact. In other words, if the pills dissolve in your stomach, they aren’t going to do you much good. Our capsules are specially designed to resist stomach acid and break down in the intestine where they can deliver our payload where it needs to be.
      • We move at the speed of science and customer feedback.  As you can read in our other sections on this site, we can go from customer request to production in weeks. Our suppliers find us a little crazy. Like a fox. Think of us like a mix of Zara and Tesla, although you won’t look as good or play video games in your car with Jetson.
      • We have a crazy-intense customer service team. Try calling Jamie Lee Curtis. She won’t answer. We’re developing a tech platform that will allow you to track your progress, share your tips, and engage with other members of the Jetson community so you can live your best. Stefan studies and reads a lot. About everything. And he’ll tell you about it in his weekly mails, in your box inserts, and if he’s bored on a Friday night, you might just get a call.

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