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Jetson is the only brand on the market that combines the core benefits of our tailored strains with added features to boost specific needs like weight loss, skin health, and mood. Find your perfect probiotic match by taking our Gut Health Quiz. You’ll be assigned to a Jetson Coach for a personalized health report and get support along your journey.  (There's also a discount. 😉)


Rotating Probiotic Strains for Better Gut Health

Let's talk about a recent study that helps reinforce the importance of a rotating gut health routine (tip: if you’ve been taking the same probiotic for years…. It’s probably not hitting the same). Anyway, this 9000 person study (!!!) included people ranging from 18 to 101, and analyzed the microbiome as they aged. It turns out that as we get older our microbiome can become less diverse, which is positively correlated with being sicker. In fact, the older we become, the more we lose beneficial microbes (that help break down food and keep our gut intact) and gain pathobionts (that cause disease).

And when you have more pathobionts in your gut, your body heads into an inflamed state – making your immune system run haywire and preventing it from responding when things actually go wrong. That is a key factor in the development of diseases, and one of the MAIN reasons you need to really watch your gut health.

Enter: Jetson. We invented the concept of a rotating probiotic routine (also known as probiotics with added benefits) because of how important it is to maintain this consistent diversity in your gut. We often focus on the specific benefits of Fit, Immunity, Skin, and Mood, but every single Jetson formulation will also give you the same core benefits of:

  • Better digestion (and maximizing the nutrients you get from your food)
  • Better energy
  • Stronger intestinal lining (no leaky gut here)
  • Improved immune response
  • Appetite moderation and normal fat metabolism (because you're actually getting more out of your food!)
  • Urinary tract health

A gut on Jetson will never get bored. We rotate strains as fast as science allows. No one else has the guts to pull off rotational manufacturing but we are so passionate about the benefits, we take on the risk for you. Ready to get started? 

The Best Probiotic On Earth... Probably.

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