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Need a kick in the pants? Whether you’re gearing up for a long workout, a day at the beach, or just need to bounce back after a heavy meal, Fit’s strains have been studied to boost energy, aid in weight loss, and debloat.

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Clinically validated strains work together to boost gut health, debloat and pave the way for weight loss.

Helps reduce gas and bloating*
Helps boost energy*
Aides in weight loss*
Supports healthy immune function*

DE111® Bacillus subtilis

NCFM Lactobacillus acidophilus

BL-07 Bifidobacterium lactis

B420 Bifidobacterium lactis

SNZ1969 Bacillus coagulans

LF61 Lactobacillus fermentum

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule every morning, 20 minutes before breakfast with cool to room temperature water.

Formulated with health experts

Our formulas are meticulously developed with scientists, nutritionists and physicians to create the best product for a healthy gut.
Dr. Ilene Ruhoy
Dr. Sheryl A. Ross, OB/GYN
Dr. Sheryl A. Ross
Dr. Anthony S. Padula, MD
Dr. Anthony Padula
Dr. Sahil Khanna, MD
Dr. Sahil Khanna,

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Product

I’ve had gut issues forever but Jetson’s Fit has really helped, more so than anything else has! It’s part of my daily routine and I would 10/10 recommend to anyone experiencing gut problems.

Justin Sowder
I love the way these make me feel

I am quite the skeptic about pills! I believe in the power of probiotics and I am certain that unlocking human health will require further study of the symbiosis between us and our guts. I've tried many probiotics and none of them have done anything 'noticeable' for me. Meaning I didn't feel one way or another, it's possible they were doing things for me that I didn't sense. This pill however has changed my mind about probiotics. It actually makes me feel great. I think I feel energized by it. I would definitely recommend people try it.

Greg Kost