Gut Prep

Gut Prep

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On your mark, get set, Gut Prep.

Gut Prep is Jetson's take on prebiotics for adults. Consider prebiotics the starting point for a healthy stomach—they are the non-living, non-digestible ingredients that feed all that good bacteria your probiotics are bringing you. Because prebiotics and probiotics work hand in hand, we recommend taking Gut Prep prebiotic capsules together with your first month of seasonal probiotics.

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FitSummer: Jun 20 - Sep 19
MoodFall: Sep 20 - Dec 19
ImmunityWinter: Dec 20 - Mar 19

Why We Made This

The gut is the body’s control center—it’s often called the second brain. An unhealthy gut can lead to poor digestion, weak immunity and inflammation. Jetson gives you the probiotic boost needed to increase immunity, reduce bloating and digest the most nutrients from your food.

The Blend

Gut Prep is a vegan prebiotic that uses a novel bacteriophage, causing your body to use the bad bacteria living in your gut as food for the good ones. Simultaneously, Gut Prep prebiotic capsules each place a starter dose 1B CFU of rugged, studied probiotics right to your gut.


If you're new to probiotics, or if processed foods have done serious damage to your gut, we highly recommend taking Gut Prep prebiotic capsules in conjunction with your first month of seasonal probiotics.

Key Ingredients

Bacillus subtilis

Clinically shown to repopulate levels of good bacteria and promote healthy intestinal balance

Prebiotic blend

Bacteriophage prebiotic that reduces bad bacteria and supports the growth of good ones.


Specially designed capsule to get the contents through the stomach, to the gut.

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Jetson Gut Prep: the Start of a Healthier Stomach

On the Cutting Edge

Gut Prep is a vegan prebiotic that uses a novel bacteriophage, causing your body to use the bad bacteria living in your gut as food for the good ones. We don't use massive amounts of starch or fiber like other prebiotic capsules, because we've heard they cause uncomfortable bloating and gas.

Solid Glass Bottles

Our bottles are reusable, recyclable, and protect the pills from moisture.  Nature knows best – and glass is best.

Proprietary Capsule Delivery

Our specially formulated capsule is designed to withstand stomach acid—keeping the bugs alive until they reach the intestinal tract where they’re needed.

No Lame Stuff

No allergens, vegan, non-GMO, no preservatives and no sugar. Our products are as boring as you’d want your probiotics to be.


"After two cancer bouts, my gut needs help. Jetson is the best there is. Trust me - I've tried them all!"

Jettie made Gordie even more regular than he was already. I truly noticed he was sick less often and for a shorter period of time."

“I’ve tried numerous other probiotics over the years and never noticed the benefits experienced almost immediately with Jetson.”

“Already seeing a boost to my mood and energy levels after less than a month!”

“One week of probiotics and I have to say feeling better! Making a real difference!”

“I travel a lot for work and Jetson helps tons with bloating on planes. I also didn't have any crazy side effects like I've had with I've had with that garbage they sell at [big chain vitamin stores]. Love you guys!”

"My gut has never felt this healthy and calm!"

It has been almost a month being on your probiotics, and I am feeling a difference now in my body. Things seems to be working and moving normally again; I feel my body is on its way to being normal once again. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you for all the good you are doing. :-) Keep up the good work!