Gut Prep Prebiotics
Gut Prep Prebiotics
Gut Prep Prebiotics
Gut Prep Prebiotics
Gut Prep Prebiotics

Gut Prep Prebiotics

Consider prebiotics the starting point for a healthy stomach—they are the non-living, non-digestible ingredients that feed all that good bacteria your probiotics are bringing you.

Gut Prep is a vegan prebiotic that uses a novel bacteriophage, causing your body to use the bad bacteria living in your gut as food for the good ones. Simultaneously, Gut Prep prebiotic capsules each place a starter dose 1B CFU of rugged, studied probiotics right to your gut.

If you're new to probiotics, or if processed foods have done serious damage to your gut, we highly recommend taking Gut Prep prebiotic capsules in conjunction with your first month of seasonal probiotics.

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This Blend

Most prebiotics are starch based and cause uncomfortable symptoms like gas and bloating. Gut Prep uses a novel bacteriophage – free of starch and fiber – that gives you all the benefits of prebiotics without any of the discomfort.

Vegan Prebiotics


Increase good bacteria

Supports growth of good bacteria*

Prebiotics for intestinal balance

Promotes healthy intestinal balance*

Reduces bad bacteria

Reduces levels of bad bacteria*

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Lauren K.
Liking results with first month

I have chronic IBS constipation and I did feel better and more regular the month I took Gut Prep versus the next month when I wasn't taking it. I ordered it again to try another month to see how I continue to do, but so far am liking this product!

Great Addition to Probiotics

I really like the gut prep pills. I took them for a few months and forgot to order one month. I could definitely tell a difference between the other months when I took gut prep, so I always make sure to add it to my order now!

Lyndsay Smith
Helps so much!

I’ve struggled with digestive issues for years and have tried the OTC stuff with no help. This, along with the seasonal probiotics, is the first relief I’ve had from the frustrating bathroom issues that have worsened with age, in spite of improved diet. So glad I found Jetson!