Jettie Kids Gut Recovery Probiotics

Jettie Kids Gut Recovery Probiotics

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Gut Recovery is a powerful, multi-strain probiotic for kids that maintains digestive balance during and after a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics are the leading cause of emergency room visits in children. Seems contradictory, doesn’t it? That’s because antibiotics kill bacteria – the bad and the good.

Good bacteria in the gut is responsible for:

  • Digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Strong immunity
  • Encouraging early childhood development

Gut Recovery is a flavorless powder that replenishes the good bacteria and combats uncomfortable, and oftentimes serious, antibiotic side effects like nausea and diarrhea.

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Bacillus subtilis DE111®

Formulated to promote a healthy microflora in the gut and support overall health.*

Saccharomyces Boulardii DBVPG 6763

Formulated to maintain microbial balance in the intestine that modulates immunity.*

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG

Has shown less bloating, diarrhea and taste disturbance while taking with antibiotics.*

Bacillus coagulans Lactospore® MTCC 5856

Helps with occasional diarrhea and can produce antibiotic-like substances.*

Bacillus clausii CSI-08

Spore-forming, soil-based probiotic that can survive in hostile environmental conditions.*


Inulin (Jerusalem artichoke root extract), Rice hull

When do I give them Gut Recovery probiotics?

You should give your little ones Gut Recovery 2 hours before they take their prescribed medication.

How long should they take probiotics after antibiotics?

After finishing their course of antibiotics, continue giving them Gut Recovery for 4 to 5 days afterwards to make sure their gut is standing on its own two feet again.

Can I give them Jettie and Gut Recovery simultaneously?

While taking Gut Recovery, give your kids a break from their Jettie seasonal subscription. Although Gut Recovery’s strains differ from other Jettie probiotics, you can still count on them to keep their guts in shape.
If you need to reschedule your subscription delivery date, you do so in your account dashboard.

How long does Gut Recovery last?

No one is ever “prepared” to get sick, infections typically come out of nowhere and completely knock you off your feet. Gut Recovery can last for up to one year on your shelf – so that when sickness does creep into your household, you’re as prepared as you can be.
Store it right next to your aspirin, benadryl and cortisone where it can join your dream team of “total life savers.”

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Free Shipping

Free shipping to 48 Contiguous United States. Shipping fees will apply to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada.

No worry guarantee

If you don’t love Jettie , you don’t pay for it. If you need a break, you can skip, pause or cancel anytime.

The Blend

Gut Recovery is formulated with a potent combination of spore-forming, yeast-based and live probiotics that can survive the harsh environment caused by antibiotics and restore the good bacteria being wiped out. The strains in Gut Recovery also combat antibiotic side effects that can be worse than the infection itself.

Lowers risk of diarrhea

Limits nausea

Promotes Gut Balance

Maintains microbial balance

Produces antibiotic-like substances

Why We Made This

Americans are prescribed 260 million courses of antibiotics per year. To make matters worse, we’re rarely told the risks and downfalls of these medications. Gut Recovery acts as a shield for the good bacteria in the gut – putting a stop to bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella, which can cause health disruptions and serious side effects in children’s vulnerable microbiomes.

Hear from Our Doctors

Our Gut Council Weighs in on Gut Recovery

“The RIGHT probiotics are necessary to replenish after antibiotic use, in order to effectively decrease your risk of getting C. Diff from your medications.”

Dr. Anthony Padula

“In order to see the most benefit, taking probiotics during and after your antibiotics is crucial.”

Dr. Gillian Ehrlich

“Antibiotics are absolutely overused because some doctors worry about preemptive viral bacterial infections. Doctors just don’t know enough about probiotics to regularly suggest taking them with antibiotics – education is key.”

Dr. Ilene S. Ruhoy

“Antibiotics are necessary evils, but they often get inappropriately prescribed for prevention of an infection that may or may not happen. In fact, many antibiotics do more harm than good, and patients are not told of any possible side effects and risk factors.”

Dr. Sahil Khanna