Seasonal Probiotics Subscription (Pay Monthly)
Seasonal Probiotics Subscription (Pay Monthly)

Seasonal Probiotics Subscription (Pay Monthly)

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Why rotate?

Our customer go-to. Buy once and get a new bottle every month and a new formulation every season. Why? To deliver better digestion, gut–and overall–health, plus hand-picked strains and botanicals to meet your changing needs throughout the year. Here is the gist:

  • Delivery: Every month, get a fresh bottle. Every three months, get a new formulation.
  • Innovation: Small-batch production allows us to innovate our formulations as soon as they’re available.
  • Benefits: Experience boosts in immunity, mental health, clearer skin, and metabolism.

In Season Now:  Mood

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For optimal gut health, you need exposure to a variety of probiotic strains. That’s why we seasonally rotate multi-strain formulations every 3 months. Basically, the best way to keep your gut healthy is making it stay on its toes.

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What’s in Season


Clinically validated strains and vitamins offer support during seasonal changes—and boost gut health, immunity and sleep quality.

Enhances sleep*
Decreases fatigue*
Reduces anxiety*
Improves digestion*
Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule every morning, right before breakfast with cool to room temperature water. Mood has fat soluble vitamin D. Breakfast with healthy fat helps vitamin D absorption.

Customer Reviews

Based on 425 reviews

Works good but customer service is horrible.

One of the best things I do for myself

I’ve tried many probiotics - this is THE one that I can tell a difference with.

Merrill Amos
Love the seasonal differences

I think what sets Jetson apart is the added bonuses you get each season above and beyond the fresh probiotics. I started out with Fit and in addition to the probiotic benefits expected, I think the formula really does what it says - I also noticed a difference in my metabolism! I'm excited for Mood and its formulation designed for heading into the cold months!