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The world’s only seasonal probiotic that changes with your body.

Research says your body needs rotating strains. We’re the only ones doing it for you.

How it Works

1 Program   4 Seasons   20 Strains

Jetson is a program, not a pill. Your body needs diversity of strains, so we rotate ours every 3 months – 20 strains total. Our seasonal probiotics match your changing needs to help you manage allergies, flu season and long summer days.

What You Get

Fresh bottles are delivered monthly, with a different formulation for each season: Fit in summer, Mood for fall, Immunity in the winter, and Outside for spring.

You can also try out each formulation individually.


In Season: Outside

Spring   Mar 20 – Jun 19   7 Strains

Outside manages responses to seasonal sensitivities - improving upper respiratory inflammation, nasal congestion and itchy throats.



Summer   Jun 20 – Sep 19   6 Strains

Fit gives you all the energy you need to make the most of summer days, with strains that debloat so you feel your best.



Fall   Sep 20 – Dec 19   5 Strains

Mood is formulated to reduce anxiety, improve your mood and support your immune system as the days get shorter and colder.



Winter   Dec 20 – Mar 19   8 Strains

Immunity was created to enhance your immune system to limit the duration and intensity of colds.

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Your gut is your second brain. It deserves a probiotic that evolves as fast as you do.

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Customer Stories

See what our subscribers like most about Jetson and Jettie.

“I like the message of seasonality, because our bodies change every season.. if not more.”


“After Jettie, Reed is sick for shorter periods of time and in better spirits.”

Mom to Reed (17 month)

“Since taking Jetson my digestion feels better, and I haven’t gotten sick once.”


“Since starting Jetson I’ve avoided getting sick, and I think Jetson’s a big part of that.”


“Since taking Jetson, I feel lighter in the morning and have more energy all day.”


“We incorporate Jettie right into what we’re already doing, with their milk every morning.”

Erik & Kiley
Parents to Baer (4) and Finn (2)

“I feel a lot less bloated and have energy throughout the day.”


“Within the second and third weeks I noticed a difference in their colds and immunity.”

Connor & Kelsey
Parents to Lake (2) & Gordie (2)

Jordan, Jetson Customer
Jettie Review by Samantha
Jetson Review by Chris
Spencer, Jetson Customer
Poonam, Jetson Customer
Erik and Kiley, Jettie Customer
Alex, Jetson Customer
Jettie Reveiw by Connor and Kelsey