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Probiotics have to be fresh to work.

Your body’s needs
change with the seasons.

Our clinically validated strains come inside a patented capsule (Jetson) or powder (Jettie).


Eager to get outside? Jetson’s Spring formulation uses bacterial strains researched to manage the body’s responses to seasonal sensitivities.


Jettie Probiotics & Prebiotic for Babies and Kids

Jettie Baby & Kids

Jettie's Spring/Summer formulation for babies and kids is designed to build a strong immune and digestive system, and maintain a healthy gut.


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talk nerdy to me.

Your gut is your second brain. It deserves a probiotic that evolves as fast as you do.

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"After two cancer bouts, my gut needs help. Jetson is the best there is. Trust me - I've tried them all!"

Jettie made Gordie even more regular than he was already. I truly noticed he was sick less often and for a shorter period of time."

“I’ve tried numerous other probiotics over the years and never noticed the benefits experienced almost immediately with Jetson.”

“Already seeing a boost to my mood and energy levels after less than a month!”

“One week of probiotics and I have to say feeling better! Making a real difference!”

“I travel a lot for work and Jetson helps tons with bloating on planes. I also didn't have any crazy side effects like I've had with I've had with that garbage they sell at [big chain vitamin stores]. Love you guys!”

"My gut has never felt this healthy and calm!"

It has been almost a month being on your probiotics, and I am feeling a difference now in my body. Things seems to be working and moving normally again; I feel my body is on its way to being normal once again. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you for all the good you are doing. :-) Keep up the good work!